Many patients who come to ACCORD have complex conditions, which need specialist round–the-clock nursing care.

Our Inpatient Unit offer bright, homely environments, where this care is available 365 days a year - free of charge.

Our Inpatient Unit

The Inpatient Unit of ACCORD Hospice has the facility to accommodate eight patients, each with their own individual room, en-suite facilities and patio area in our gardens.

Our highly trained and compassionate nursing staff, led by Charge Nurse Alison Auld, work closely with the medical team and other healthcare professionals to assess and agree individualised plans of care with each patient.

Working in Partnership

In partnership with patients and their families we provide compassionate, individualised care that addresses not only the physical signs of illness but also emotional, spiritual and social needs. We assist and support patients throughout their illness and end of life continuing to comfort their loved ones into bereavement and remembrance. We are always adapting what we provide to the changing needs of individuals and communities.


Charge Nurse - Alison Auld


How the Inpatient Unit can support you

If you require to be admitted to our Inpatient Unit, our aim is to provide you and your family with a homely setting, where you will receive high quality clinical and supportive palliative and end of life care.  

This care will be provided by our multi-disciplinary team comprising of nurses, doctors, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, social worker, counsellors and complementary therapists.  You may be admitted to our unit to receive support for the following: 

  • Pain relief 
  • Clinical Symptom Assessment and Control
  • Assessment of holistic needs
  • End of life care for you 
  • Support for your carers and family
Contact the Inpatient Unit

''We thank you for all the care and compassion shown not only to mum but ourselves too. You are so special and dedicated to what you do. You will always hold a place in our hearts.''

Family Member


Download our Inpatient Unit Guide

Looking for more information on our Inpatient Unit? Download our helpful PDF information leaflet to find out details about the services our Inpatient Unit provides.

Ann Marie

Ann Marie

Frequently asked questions

Here are some questions that our nursing team often get asked about the Inpatient Unit at the Hospice

Do I need to pay to stay at ACCORD?
All ACCORD services are FREE of charge - as a charity we are supported by the community through fundraising and donations and the Health and Social Care Partnership.
What is the Hospice Inpatient Unit?
ACCORD's Inpatient Unit provides specialist treatment for people living with prgoressive life limiting and life threatening illnesses who have complex care needs. The unit is staffed and supported by health and social care professionals including nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, doctors and a social worker.

We work together to provide an individualised treatment plan of care for everyone we look after.

- For some people their care plan will enable them to return home
- Others nearing the end of their life may benefit from the care the Inpatient Unit can provide
- There will be some people we care for who may not be well enough to return home after we have improved their symptoms. However, they may also no longer need the specialist care we provide, in these situations we assist in finding more appropriate place of care such as a care home.
How do I get into the Hospice?
We receive referrals requesting admission from General Practitioners, Clinical Nurse Specialists and the Hospital Palliative Care Teams. Those people who would benefit from a period of Inpatient care will be placed on our waiting list, discussed at our daily bed meeting, with arrangements for admission made once a bed is available.
What happens if I am admitted to the Hospice?
On admission to ACCORD you will meet the members of our team who will get to know you and with your input, work out the best plan of care to improve your symptoms and quality of life.
- Helping to make you more comfortable from symptoms such as pain, tiredness or breathing difficulties
- Helping you to maintain your independence, so you can continue to do things for youself as long as possible
- Offering emotional and spiritual support to both yourself and family members
- Assisting in directing you to information and services to help out with financial concerns, social benefits and equipment needs.
How long will I stay at the Hospice?
Some people come to stay in the Hospice during the final stages of their illness; others come just for a short time, for example to manage their symptoms and then return home. The average length of stay for someone admitted for symptom control is two weeks.
How will I know how I am doing?

Throughout your stay we aim to keep both you and your loved ones updated on your wellbeing and plan of care. After one week in our care, we find this is the most beneficial time to discuss care and progress to date.

We require to be respectful of the wishes and confidentiality requested by each patient. We will therefore only discuss your condition and care with your permission, even if the relative is a next of kin.

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