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I want to organise my own fundraising event!

Excellent! Organising your own fundraising event can seem a daunting task, but we promise you it's something everybody can do. 

Please use these pages to find inspiring ideas, tools, tips and advice on how to get started and make as much money as possible for ACCORD!

Thank you for becoming a #ACCORDHospiceHero and for choosing to support ACCORD’s care in the community.

Whether you are planning something big or something small, every penny that you raise will ensure that our patients and their families have the best quality of life right to the end. While some people are only with us for a matter of days, others need months or years of support to live their lives to the fullest.

Planning your own event for the Hospice and what to think about?

When will it be?

  • When you set the date and time for your event, think about: Who you want to come and when they'll be free.
  • Other local events - make sure your event doesn't clash with anything similar going on in the area.
  • Whether people can afford to come or donate - if it's around the holidays or pay day for example, it could be more difficult.

Where will it be?

  • The best option for your event - indoors or outdoors? Large or small?
  • How accessible your venue is - for supporters travelling to and from your events and for people with disabilities.
  • What facilities there are - like tables, chairs or sound equipment.
  • Any costs of hiring the venue or equipment.

Who will get involved?

  • Think about your target audience and whether you'll need extra people to help you organise your event.
  • How will you get your audience involved?
  • Ask local businesses for sponsorship, donations and prizes - we can give you an authorisation letter to let them know you're fundraising for ACCORD
  • Ask friends and family to help you organise, bring other  supporters and spread the word.

How will you raise money?

  • Don't forget to think about how best to raise money.
  • Can you charge people to take part?
  • Will you sell refreshments or add any other elements that will bring in more money?
  • Can people sponsor you for your activity?
  • Can you cut your costs to maximise your total?

Fundraising and the Law

The Dos & Don’ts - Advice, guidance and legislation around fundraising


You are responsible for the safety of your guests so make sure there are no trip hazards or other hazards that can cause danger. Why not download and complete your own risk assessment before the event? This way it highlights any areas you may need to think about, for example, first aid. If you’re holding an event involving many people, make sure that you have appropriate first aid support in place. You can get advice from St John Ambulance or the British Red Cross.


You will need a licence from your local authority for any of the following activities: • Music and dancing • Sale of alcohol • Extended hours • Provision of food or drink • Collecting money or selling goods in a public place Please contact your local authority directly for further details and how to apply. Whatever you are doing, please ensure that you are safe and above board with all of your activities. If you aren’t sure then just ask us.


If you plan to take photos of other people at your fundraiser, please make attendees aware that they are being taken and how you plan to use them so people can request not to have their photo taken. You will need to get permission from parents before taking any photos of children.

Using ACCORD Logo and Branding

Please ensure all of your publicity materials state ‘In aid of ACCORD Hospice’ and include our Charity Number SC013682. If you would like to use our logo then please get in contact so we can provide you with our logos and all the information that you need. By law, the charity registration number must appear on all posters, invitations advertisements and other fundraising materials.

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