Our 450 plus volunteers are vital to us.

We simply wouldn’t be able to care for our patients in the way we do without them!

Volunteering at ACCORD

We are supported by over 450 volunteers who commit their time and energy to enable us to provide vital care for our patients.

There is a long standing involvement of volunteers in the work of the Hospice. Their contribution is critical to the success of ACCORD and we value the unique benefits that come from involving local people in our services.  

Volunteers also help ACCORD to develop strong links with communities throughout Renfrewshire which raise awareness of ACCORD and of the care and support we provide to those who require our services.


ACCORD relies on its kind and friendly volunteers, who generously give their time to help out in our shops, at fundraising events and within the Hospice.

Volunteers bring a wealth of knowledge, skills and experience to ACCORD, which complements the existing skills of staff making the organisation more effective in the delivery of our services to patients and families.

There are many reasons why people choose to volunteer; to help others, learn new skills, make new friends, improve employment prospects, increase confidence; opportunity to give something back to the local community and for many, recognition and value of the care that a loved one has received from ACCORD in the past.  Often volunteering can be a useful way to gain experience of interacting with patients in a health care environment, which may support future applications for college/university.  The one thing all our volunteers have in common is they want their contribution to make a difference; and it does.  


Why volunteer with ACCORD?

From helping on our inpatient unit, volunteering in a shop, marshalling at one of our fundraising events or supporting our innovative Renfrewshire Bereavement Network, there is something for everyone. 

Last year over 30,000 hours were given by our volunteers!

We also gained in other ways. Volunteers bring many different and extensive skill sets which benefit our work enormously.

Volunteers come in all ages and from many different walks of life. These life experiences and varied backgrounds and outlooks add diversity and a bring a fresh perspective to life at ACCORD.

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My Volunteering with ACCORD - Lawrence Gilgallon

My name is Lawrence and have been part of the volunteer team over the past 13 years.

My interaction in the community hub with patients includes:  Listening/Communicating/Leading discussion groups/running quizzes and bringing joy and laughter in difficult and challenging times.

Working as a volunteer at ACCORD uses my people skills gleaned from over 49 years in a customer service environment.  The role is to be part of a team where our varied talents are put to good use across many areas within the community hub.

I’ve witnessed first-hand the care dedication and support which Accord staff and volunteers share with patients and their families.  By committing time to ACCORD, I feel pride and satisfaction in giving support back to the community.

If you’re looking for a new challenge and purpose whether you are 21 or above... and some of us are well above!! , get in touch to be part of a team in achieving our PURPOSE which is to provide the best possible support to patients and their families.


My Story - Beth Berry

I have been a volunteer at the hospice since April 2014 because my mother attended when she was ill with cancer and spent her last days there.

The care and attention she received was second to none and I wanted to give my time to the hospice as a way of thanking everyone involved in her care.

My first post was at the reception and also the Spring and Christmas Fayres, the twice a year mail shots and art exhibition - to name but a few!

When the Renfrewshire Bereavement Network was set up the volunteers were there to answer the phone calls from people who were struggling with grief and required counselling to help them to cope.

I have made lots of new friends at the hospice and would recommend volunteering to anyone who enjoys helping people. You don’t have to be daft to volunteer at ACCORD but it helps!

ACCORD Hospice Volunteer Application Form

Email to volunteering@accord.org.uk | Post to ACCORD Hospice, 7 Morton Avenue, Paisley, PA2 7BW


Become a Volunteer

Volunteering is a great way to meet people, make new friends and enhance and develop new skills.

Check out our opportunities

Please let us know if you have any questions about volunteering.

If you would like to express an interest in volunteering with ACCORD in the future then please send your details to:  Volunteering@accord.org.uk.  Please leave your name and contact details and someone will respond to you at the earliest opportunity.

So it’s no exaggeration to say that we would not be able to run successfully without our generous volunteers!

We have an amazing mix of volunteers; from those who come on board for a few months to learn new skills, to volunteers who have been with us since we opened nearly 40 years ago.

 This diversity is something we really value as each person brings something different to the role.

Volunteer with ACCORD today and you can make a real difference in someone's life

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find frequently asked questions about volunteering

Will I require a Police Check (Disclosure Scotland clearance)?
The majority of volunteer roles will require clearance from Disclosure Scotland. For ad hoc involvement of volunteers at “one of” events i.e. fundraising, schools programme etc.   Traditional approaches to volunteer recruitment may not always be necessary or appropriate for these events.  However in such cases, local risk assessments will be applied to reflect our duty of care to our volunteers.
As a volunteer, will I be covered by ACCORD’s insurance?
All volunteers are covered by ACCORD’s insurance which is provided by Towergate Insurance UK.
Can I claim out of pocket expenses?
On production of receipts, all volunteers are entitled to claim reasonable out of pocket expenses.
How long does the application process take through to completion?
Whilst this period varies with each application; we aim for a period of 6/8 weeks but this is very much dependent on how long it takes for us to obtain suitable references and clearance from Disclosure Scotland in respect of criminal record checks that are required for majority of the volunteer roles. 
How long will I wait for an acknowledgement to my application for Volunteering?
Volunteers will receive an acknowledgement following our receipt of their application
Once I’ve started, can I expect to receive on - going support?
Following their recruitment, all volunteers will be provided with a Role Description document which will include contact details for a named member of staff who will be able to offer on-going support and guidance as your volunteer involvement progresses.
Will I receive training for my volunteering role?
All volunteers will receive orientation and training for their role.  They will be provided with contact details of a paid member of staff who will be available should any issues arise in the future.

Bill Brown - Volunteer Driver - My Volunteer Story

I have been a Volunteer Driver with the Hospice for ten years. When I retired from work in 2009 I still felt fit and wanted to do something to benefit the community. When I moved to Paisley in 2011 I contacted ACCORD and was accepted as a Volunteer Driver taking Patients to various hospitals for cancer treatment. People may think because of the nature of the illness, patients may have a very apprehensive outlook to their treatment, but most are very determined to fight it all the way and I found that being able to pass on this determination to new patients helped them and their families to cope. I made many good friends over the years and got to meet not just the patients but their families as well. I would recommend volunteering as a driver with ACCORD as despite the nature of the illness being able to pass on your knowledge of the various hospitals you are able to take away some of the anxiety from patients and you are also paid a mileage allowance for your trouble. A win-win all the way

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