There are many ways to support our Hospice and being involved in Participation is one of them.

Participation and Engagement

Participation is having your say regarding the services you are involved or have contact with. It’s about helping ACCORD make decisions on many aspects of current and future service provision.

We are proud of the services we provide in the Renfrewshire and parts of East Renfrewshire area. Your involvement is so important in order to sustain these services. There are many ways to support ACCORD Hospice and being involved in Participation is one of them. 

Can you help? Can you become active in Participation here at ACCORD? Your comments will always be taken on board, and feedback will be provided where possible.

Participation Leaflet

If you have any questions about participation or would like to have a chat with Karen please fill out the form below

Feedback at ACCORD

Please take a minute or so to read our Participation Leaflet and if you wish to be involved further, please get in touch by leaving feedback on our form below or completing the Participation Leaflet and post to:

ACCORD Hospice, 7 Morton Avenue, Paisley, Renfrewshire, PA2 7BW.

Participation and Engagement at ACCORD Hospice is led and coordinated by Karen Palmer to get in touch please call on 0141 581 2000

Participation Leaflet

You Said We Did

The input we receive from you can make a difference.  

From the recent feedback ACCORD received, the following actions were identified and implemented:

New clearer name badges issued to staff

Photographs of key departmental staff now on display

Personalised staff introductions – ‘Hello my name is ….’

Improved documentation of patients spiritual and religious wishes

New hot drinks machine provided


At ACCORD we recognise that it is important to obtain feedback to ensure that the standard of services are of a high quality and meet the needs of patients and carers. 

In order to help with this we regularly evaluate our services by carrying out surveys and evaluations in the following areas:

Patient Experience of ACCORD services

Staff Survey

Student Placements

Service of Remembering

Training Course

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