A wee movie night

One of our patients and their wife wanted to have “a wee movie night” together like they normally would at home ❤

Movie Night at ACCORD

Recently, one of patients John and his wife Mags wanted to have a wee movie night together in the Hospice, just like they would normally at home. Our staff went into cinema mode to make the experience as best they could for John and Mags, they pulled out all the stops! One of our spare beds was brought through to allow them to be together in bed, fairy lights were put all around the room to give some extra atmosphere and even putting up a little light up tree the Hospice had greatly received from last year’s ACCORD Amazon Wish list. The scene was set.

Mags said ‘The lights dimmed, the flowers were smelling beautiful and the fairy lights just created an amazing moment – it was perfect. It reminded me and John of what it used to be like, it was like being young again. It all made us giggle. I’ve got goose bumps just thinking about it.’’

‘’The Hospice staff have been amazing since the moment we walked in, it had all been so sudden with John. I had been so overwhelmed with doctors and medications, but the Hospice staff have really put a smile back on our faces.

John’s Dad lives in America so they have been on the video call with the family a few times, ‘’My Dad was absolutely blown away with what the Hospice provides and where I am staying.’’

Mags said ‘’initially, it was scary thinking about coming to ACCORD, you hear the word Hospice and you immediately think this is where people spend their final days. I would love to tell everyone not to be afraid about coming to a place like ACCORD, it’s the most welcoming place, and the staff are amazing. Being at a Hospice is about living, not about dying. The Hospice gave me time to recharge, it gave me and John the time to be husband and wife again, so there have been lots of hugs and kisses’’

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