The Future of ACCORD

ACCORD CEO Jacki Smart talks about the future of ACCORD at Hospice Care

Whilst we celebrate the past 40 years,we want to share our aspirations with you too.

Our ambition is to grow the services in the community to fulfil the vision of where ‘everyone deserves a good death’. This will be done through offering ACCORD at Home to more people each month, collaborating with other healthcare providers and educating others in how to give care for those at the end of their lives. Also by further developing our wellbeing therapy services making them more accessible for all who need them.

Palliative and end of life care has continued to increase in  profile over the last few decades with the expectation that there will be specialist and general support for people to die in a place of their choosing while their families are cared for too.

Hospices are generally understood to be Inpatient type facilities where kindness, compassion and family support are at the heart of everything that staff do. In reality, the reach and impact of organisations like ACCORD is just as prolific in the community, the hospitals and in care homes as it is in the Hospice itself.

ACCORD touched the lives of and supported more than 1,200 patients and their families in the last 12 months with 135 of those as hospice Inpatients.


The move towards support for  people to be cared for, and die, in their own homes was accelerated by the pandemic and is a firm area of focus for the hospice movement and ACCORD over the coming years.

There is also an increasing awareness of the need for good  bereavement support for everyone, free at the point of access and available to all in the community. ACCORD are proud to have established the Renfrewshire Bereavement Network to allow the people of Renfrewshire to access that support when they need it and by raising awareness of the difficulties that can arise around grief and grieving amidst a pandemic have become core to ACCORD’s purpose.
Finally, we will aim to maintain our outstanding inspection ratings and educate everyone on the importance and benefits of Hospice care.
ACCORD will do what it always does. We will recover from the pandemic stronger than ever. We will work hard to be secure and available to those who need us, continue to review and evaluate services to evolve with the times and will grow in a direction that is safe and sustainable and which our patients tell us is needed.

We will plan and develop our workforce and ensure they feel valued. We will continue to seek support from all who can assist is, financially and otherwise, and will remain grateful for every bit of support.