Meet the Team - Alison

Meet the Community Orientated Services Team Lead - Alison

I’ve been at ACCORD for 22 years! I trained as a nurse in the 90’s, in the days of wearing dress, hats and belts to work. From the minute I arrived at the Hospice I realised what a warm and happy place it was, I was so impressed with the nurses and medical staff, they were compassionate and kind and always patient centred.

I am now the Team Lead for Community Orientated Services, looking after the Community Nurse Specialists and also the pilot ACCORD at Home Service, the project enables us to care for patients at home at end of life or patients in crisis. I work in a very supportive environment with amazing people who are beyond knowledgeable about the services they provide for patients.

When I was a Community Nurse Specialist visiting patients at home some of the most memorable things are the simplest, even walking someone’s dog or hanging out the washing for them, normal parts of life that we all take for granted. I even left a house once with a gift of two freshly caught fish!

I can clearly see the positive difference ACCORD at home has made to patient’s and their families. It is a very  emotional, difficult  and stressful time when caring for a loved one at home at end of life, this is where our amazing team steps in to help and let families spend those precious moments together as a family.

We couldn’t do it without you, thanks for all your support!