Colin's Story

When the doors of the hospice were opened for Colin, he had begun the last heart-breaking chapter of his life's journey, the team at the hospice welcomed him with caring open arms as one of their family to make the hospice his final home.

For Colin and myself, home was always where we were together anywhere in the world and not a physical building or structure in any location or country. Our last home together was ACCORD, we were immediately made to feel at home and part of a large caring family. We were instantly cocooned by a team of selfless, caring, loving people, to ensure Colin had exactly what he needed when he needed it during the final chapter of his life.

They respected our privacy and gave Colin absolute dignity in his final days and never treated him in any other way than the beautiful intelligent man he was.

Words can not express our gratitude for the final time we had together. The staff were always there discreetly in the background, immediately there when needed, providing him very complex end of life care that would have been impossible for him to have at home. I lived at the hospice in Colin's final week and was treated with exactly the same care and compassion they gave Colin.

Colin passed away in my arms so peacefully on 5th December 2021, His death was the most painful but equally beautiful moment of our nearly 30 years together.  It was a heart-breaking moment to say farewell to my man and leave the Hospice, our last home together.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.