Day Therapy Zoom Session


Day Therapy Zoom Session

‘Fly me to the Zoom’ Its amazing what grown adults will do…and that is the attitude that will keep you going.

Fly me to the Zoom’

Its amazing what grown adults will do…and that is the attitude that will keep you going. So last week at zoom we all became children, produced beautiful home made paper aeroplanes, flew them to the destination of our choice (aka round the room) and counted flight distances.

The winner for the longest flight was Nell at 45 steps, it went out the door, round the garden and back again… she is delightful but is a great story spinner!

The flight stories were as follows:

Mairi-Ann made a wee twin otter out of some cardboard map! But of course, it was the twin otter that swept her off to beautiful Barra. It was a predictable flying caravan flop and managed 6 steps before diving into the Minch.

Margaret made a Nakamura Lock (?), she is the fancy aeronautic designer in the group and started this theme to keep in touch through a paper aeroplane activity with her family. She calls it “up in the air” and in the morning the challenge is set to make an aeroplane out of the book and at night they get together again by zoom and fly their planes. Family is everything. Margaret the pilot flew her Nakamura twice and only managed 3 steps but we know she has very long legs and Mairi-Ann was taking baby steps.

Ian couldn’t direct his ipad so we all belted up for a bumpy flight. His grandson made this Jet2 plane to take them all to Portugal, it is a ‘Low’ cost airline but flew 12 steps (baby again!).

Nell of the 45 step flight (out to the garden and back again) had a stealth bomber with a beautiful hourglass figure. Her destination on her ticket said Australia so she could sit with her toes in the warm sand of Queensland and watch the bats fly but they wouldn’t be able to fly as far as her masterpiece!

Susan’s aeroplane was sleek and stylish, no need for garish decoration, the line of the plane spoke for itself. She called it ‘Plane Jane’ and it was destined for Benidorm where she was supposed to be going with her daughter to celebrate her 60th birthday next month. Ever philosophical, Susan says it doesn’t matter, as long as we are at home and safe, Susan laughed as it flew a whopping 5 steps.

Ishbel had an aeroplane powered by electric solar panels, it is saving the earth! Its sleek design cruised 7 steps before Cuillin the dog hijacked it in her mouth. Her destination prior to the hijacking was to Iceland where she went last year for a family birthday meeting a sister from Canada, Manchester and Glasgow mid-atlantic. 

Lawrence had the classic brick plane, its name was the only classy thing about it… ‘Accord 1’. He did admit to having poor coordination (the only understatement ever heard from Lawrence), stated it was about the taking part that counts and flew a mighty 2 steps. He never got to his chosen destination of Hungry and the Danube and Budapest where he went by a better airline 4 years ago with his wife.

Tommy was here (yippee) but hadn’t had time to make an aeroplane, he didn’t need to, he transported himself in his head to Tenerife and had a long cool Spanish lager in his hand. 

Beth had a delicately decorated bee aeroplane BBA (British Bee Airlines) It was pretty buzzing poor, she only got 6 steps on her 3rd attempt and landed with a skid. She was keen to go to Borneo because she has never been and wants to see orangutans …nae chance in getting there in that plane Beth!

Elaine had the most highly decorated plane, she had spent hours crafting it in her bicycle colours because she isn’t going to her cycle destination of choice in Northern Italy this summer, just as well she would never manage the hills! Elaine had two possible names for her plane…Scottish Blairways or Accord Hospice Air Force. Hers barely taxied down the runway before exiting left after 5 steps.

And the final zoom traveller today was Joyce, she had 2 planes, one was her very own homemade brick but she got her son to craft something a bit more aerodynamic to take her 2 steps. Such a short flight of turbulence reminded her of a flight to Paris once (no names mentioned!) when she did a nose dive while wearing an oxygen mask. She lived to tell the tale. Her chosen destination today was to be New York for a long weekend for her 60th birthday to see where her mother was born.

And a late addition today was Stephanie, she produced a flashy number she got on Gumtree for a good price, it was an ex-RAF Hercules bomber decorated with with rabbits for pilots. When flown it also dropped like a bomb and it was an exaggeration to say it flew 3 steps, needless to say it did not make a fancy destination!

We hope you enjoyed your flight, thank you for flying with us and we look forward to seeing you all again.

(The management reserve the right to write what they like and shall not be held to account for any inaccuracies!)