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Pebble Path

Pebble Path

Accord Hospice is 35 years old this year and the people of Renfrewshire and surrounding areas have been central in growing the service to where we are today. In order to celebrate this important anniversary we are running a project that marks the development of each part of the Accord in a pebble path set in the garden at the Accord Hospice.

Just as the Cart River runs through Paisley and provided the energy to drive the mills that put Paisley on the world map, so we wish to create a design of a flowing river with islands in the stream. Each service development at the Accord will be represented by an island; these will be shaped in the iconic teardrop Paisley pattern and inset with painted pebbles. Every service development is a reflection of the individual people that the Accord has met, treated and shared their journey with.

Community and Accord Groups involved in pebble painting with corresponding design and area of Accord represented are:

Mary Russell School – bees for housekeeping and catering

Lochfield Primary School – smiley faces for volunteers

St Andrews High School – sunflowers for Community Nurses

St Charles’s School and Merrylee Primary School   – rainbows, butterflies and words for support services

Inpatient Unit – hearts

Day Therapy – stars

Gleniffer Outreach – trees

Pebble Path

…so watch this space!