Help us to care for more than 1,700 local people and their families.

Pay for a Day is a way of supporting a very tangible part of our hospice care.

We’ve worked out that it costs £7,767 per day to provide care for all the patients who need us.

This includes the cost of our nurses, carers and support staff like cooks and housekeepers. It also takes into consideration the cost of running the building like our utility bills as well as medical and personal care supplies. All of this is 'Making every day count' for our patients and families who need our hospice care.

By sponsoring a specific date, we can ensure that your donation pays for the care that is given to the patients and families during those 24 hours.

pay for a day

Help support people at ACCORD Hospice by paying for 24 hours of care on a day of your choice.

  • You can choose to Pay for a Day by making a one-off donation, by fundraising as an individual or a group or people, such as in your workplace or school.

  • You can choose a day that is meaningful to you, for example an anniversary or birthday of someone close to you who has died or a date that is significant to you in some other way.

  • We would like to recognise your support and to say thank you – this could be through a personalised certificate of support and acknowledgement on display in the hospice, by sharing your story on our website and social media but we’ll be guided by what you would like us to do.

  • We’d like to welcome you to the hospice on the day that you’ve sponsored (if possible) to say thank you in person.

Pay for a day Help us continue to care for more than 1,700 local people and their families every year.
£77.76 £776.70 £7,767
Yes, I would like to make a one off donation of £77.76
 Donations change lives

Donations change lives

Amazing people like you help us support those who need it most. “Everyone has been so generous, and the final total raised is testament to how adored my mum was at ACCORD hospice”

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