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Learning to Live with Grief – Booklet

As part of ACCORD’s ongoing support of families we have now developed a bereavement booklet “Learning to Live with Grief”.

This booklet honours all the families who have shared their grief with us, their emotion, and their struggles. While grief is a natural response to someone in our life dying, it is patience and understanding of “Learn to Live with Grief” that is the challenge for many.

We hope this booklet will allow those grieving to have a resource at hand.

Comments we’ve have had from those who have read the booklet so far;

“I have kept it beside my bed, and it just reminds me I am still learning”.

“I identify with the image of not seeing the world as clearly as before”

You can find the booklet as a PDF Booklet here

The Booklet itself will also be available as a FREE purchase in the ACCORD ONLINE Shop or can be picked up at the Hospice.