We hope that UMatter will aid and enhance our patients and your families journey


Umatter is a service taking place within our In Patient Unit and in the homes of our community patients.

It aims at providing the opportunity for individuals to identify their own goals, plan an intervention that gives meaning to their day, whilst at the same time influencing their own well-being.

Its therapy provides the opportunity for individuals to identify their own goals, plan an intervention that gives meaning to their day whilst at the same time influencing their own well-being i.e. self-managing their condition.

UMatter provides meaningful activity in the form of socialisation, relaxation, virtual reality, music and art OR a more bespoke activity that matters to them. Should our patients have a particular goal they wish to achieve we will do our best in supporting them to do so, thus allowing them to have moments of living right up until the end of life.

UMatter will come in three forms for patients.

Ian’s Story Umatter in IPU

Ian’s Story Umatter in IPU

Ian identified his treatment plan as a drawing activity or possibly a mosaic!

Meaningful Activity To Ian was photography, art and his family.

On the day this picture was taken Ian quoted, “ Today is a good day to be Alive”

He went onto to say “ I would recommend this service to any hospice, it takes your mind off things, you are actually doing something instead of just sitting. I would be lost without Umatter”

Marjory ‘s Story Umatter in the Community.

Marjory ‘s Story Umatter in the Community.

Marjory loved her garden and her bed at home was place at her window so she could see her garden grow, see the changes and enjoy the colour.

Marjory identified her achievable goal as “ feeling soil between her fingers again”

So gloves, trowels, forks, soil, bulbs, planter brush and shovel were provided and her goal was achieved in her own home from the comfort of her bed.

“I could have done that all day, there is no better feeling knowing that you are making something grow”.


Meaningful Activity

This will provide the opportunity for individuals to identify their own goals, plan interventions that give meaning to their day whilst at the same time influencing their own well-being. It may be important for an individual to be outdoors, meet with their pets or play an instrument and with Umatter we will be able to help and support this.

Diversional Therapies

Instead of focusing on identified problems, diversional activities set to take a patients attention away from their symptoms or problems. This can be achieved through the mediums of art, music or relaxation.

Being With

This will offer patients intervention more suited to end of life care such as hands massages, hand holding, reading, comforting or simply being with someone. In time, we also want to support and facilitate our patients if they have a particular wish they would like to fulfil before End of Life.

Chatter Matter

Chatter Matter at ACCORD

Our aim is to provide a homely setting for our community patients to meet with each other social for a couple of hours a week.

The format is patient led and it builds on fun and friendship. It takes place every Tues from 11am - 2pm and we aim to improve well-being, provide socialisation/companionship, reduce isolation and distract from symptoms such as anxiety and fatigue, whilst, most importantly having great fun.

As always we are support by loyal volunteers who add their own qualities to the day.

“It’s the highlight of my week”

“I think about how much I’ve laughed here, it exceeds everything I thought it could be”

“You have preconceived ideas about the hospice and that’s not what you get, it’s full of laughter”


Busy Buddies

A group which allows patients to immerse themselves in creative activities and learn new skills such as Arts & Crafts, Singing for Health and gardening. Group is on Thursday 12noon - 1.30pm.

Rest and Restore Group

Rest and Restore Group - For Family and Carers

A place for those who are caring and looking after loved ones to connect, create, find, rest and feel restored.

If you are a carer and your family member is known to ACCORD and you would benefit from some time out and support please contact The Community Hub on 0141 571 2007.

''It calmed me, I lost track of time, I was in the zone, I felt peace''

 Donations change lives

Donations change lives

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