Firewalk 2025

Friday 28th February 2025
To be confirmed

Brave the heat!

Brave the heat, bare your soles and support ACCORD Hospice by taking part in our fire walk for the patients and families of Renfrewshire who need our care. This adrenaline fuelled event will push your boundaries, challenge your perceptions and make for an unforgettable evening.

A Few Things to Know:

  • Participants must attend a 90 minute workshop prior to the fire-walk 
  • 16+ Age
  • You must not drink before or during the workshop
  • No phones are permitted during the workshop or on the fire itself
  • Fire-walking is a dirty business, so wear old clothes, shoes that come off easily and trousers that can be rolled up or shorts. We would also ask that you bring along an old towel or wipes for cleaning your feet
  • Please don’t prepare your feet with lotions or potions, if you have nail polish on take it off three or four days in advance, don’t paint your toe nails for the event.
  • Spectators can’t sit in on the workshop


We ask each Firewalk participant to try and raise £150 for the patients and families at the Hospice. We will help you along the way!

Firewalk 2025


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