News from ACCORD

To Absent Friends 1st – 4th November 2016

From the 1st-4th November 2016, we will be participating in our annual event of “To Absent Friends”. For those of you who are not familiar with this event it takes part all across Scotland and gives people the opportunity to celebrate and to reminisce of those whom they have loved and lost. It has been described as a “people’s festival of storytelling and remembrance and is an opportunity to revive lost traditions and crate new ones”.

Each year in Day Therapy we have a chosen “theme” to aid our discussions/ stories from the patients, staff and volunteers, and this year “To Absent Friends” will be stories from around the world, travel, holidays, memorable places or simply days out.

There will also be a “wall of remembrance” within day therapy and at reception. This will take the form of a map of the world and  you are invited to write a message on a postcard and pin it to the appropriate place of meaning to you and your loved one.

All staff, volunteers and visitors are welcome to participate and to add to the wall of remembrance at reception.

Feedback from the patients has been very positive and that they have found it a very valuable and comforting experience. We hope you do too.