Services at ACCORD


This service can support your daily needs, compliment your treatment plan and provide you with a feel better factor to enhance your quality of life. Treatments such as scalp/hair management, wig and scarf guidance, hand massage and manicures as well as general hairdressing requirements support your plan of care and sense of well-being.

The service is provided by a qualified hairdresser with significant experience.


Margaret Braceland

Margaret Braceland - Hairdresser

Aims of the Service

  • To provide access to general hairdressing requirements
  • Calm emotions and increase general sense of health and well-being.
  • In conjunction with you plan of care, introduce scalp and hair treatments which may reduce some of the symptoms and side effects of your illness and treatments.
  • Provide support and guidance in the maintenance of individual wigs and the technique of ‘scarf tying’
  • Help people to feel more comfortable with their body image in order to take control of the quality of their daily life.

What You can Expect

You will be offered access to the service throughout attendance at our day Therapy Unit or through referral from another of our designated services.

Hours and Availability

  • ACCORD Hospice – Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 10am -3pm

How to get in contact

  • Margaret Braceland¬†¬† 0141 581 2000 ext 241