News from ACCORD

Moving Forward at ACCORD

As the country reached level ‘0’ with regards to COVID restrictions, here at ACCORD we are also looking at how we can maintain safety as well as opening our doors wider to meet the needs of our patients, relatives and the general public who have supported our organisation .

The measures we have taken already have ensured the health and safety of our workforce, patients and relatives and have guaranteed the continuous provision of every ACCORD service throughout the pandemic. We are now pulling together the final details of the new services within our ‘Community Hub’.

With the final few members of the team in place, we look forward to the launch of ‘ACCORD@Home’, ‘Access@ACCORD’ and ‘Umatter@ACCORD’ with our whole team keen to get started and to start to make a difference.

During this time we have also been re-evaluating our volunteer strategy while ensuring everything is in place to allow our current volunteers to return safely. We hope this new strategy will help us to recruit more volunteers to help across all areas in the hospice as we recognise the vital role volunteers have within every service we provide.

The development of existing services and new ideas has only been possible due to the level of financial assistance received from a diverse range of supporters who recognise the importance of ACCORD services within our community.

At this point we must thank all our staff, volunteers and supporters for their patience, dedication, enthusiasm and drive to get us to this new place, where once again we can ‘put life into days’.

Thank you