Information for Supporters

Information for Supporters


Thank you for your continued and much valued support. If you require advice about visiting our hospice, the events you are organising, your own fundraising activity or events you are participating in, please contact our Fundraising Team via email or call 0141 581 2000 and we will be pleased to offer support as best we can.

The Hospice is going to have to make critical decisions in the coming weeks about whether to cancel fundraising events, continue with certain fundraising activity and to monitor the impact of these uncertain times.

We have already had to postpone or cancel some events and seen some decline in giving. We believe the impact on our income will be significant.

We have decided to restrict any non-essential events at the hospice until further notice, with further restrictions placed on events outside the hospice.

Handing in Donations or items for shops

Our shops will be downsizing to utilising our Glasgow Road Store and the Paisley Centre shop at this time using our staff members and some of the volunteers – this is for the safety and well-being of the large number of volunteers the Hospice has in its shops.

The retail activities are being monitored on a day to day basis to protect those in public facing roles and things may change again fairly quickly.

At this time;

  • Glasgow Road Store will still accept donations though our Store is close to capacity for clothes and we may have to hold donations for a few days until we clear the decks
  • Glasgow Road Store may still be able to arrange uplifts if we deem it safe to do so – but we will honour any long-standing arrangements in the next few days

If you have any questions or queries surrounding our shops then please call 0141 887 4786.

Fundraising Events

The next few months are going to impact the Hospice financially as it will everyone. We are looking at cancelling/postponing various events in order to protect those involved in participation and delivery.

The Hospice will still need your support as will the community around you.

If you have already signed up for an event that has been postponed, keep going with your fundraising, your training at home if you can and send us in lots of pictures!

Whether you can think of a creative way to fundraise at home – we would love to hear from you. We have some idea’s in the pipeline so please look out.

If you want to see how you can help then contact 0141 581 2000 or drop us an email at

We are currently following guidance from the Scottish Government to support these decisions but also taking additional measures to protect the health and well-being of everyone.