In-Patient Unit Refurbishment Project

In-Patient Unit Wishlist

We want to create an environment which allows patients and families to easily access our internal and external surroundings from the comfort of their own private room. Our refurbishment will produce 8 single rooms with en-suite wet-rooms. A fresh, modern and flexible design approach to décor, heating and lighting we hope will support patients to experience those precious moments with their families in a more beneficial setting.

Natural light is at the forefront of the design with windows and patio doors, accessing individual and communal garden areas. This will allow patients and families to be within reach of a natural and calming environment.

We are looking for your support in purchasing specialist equipment and everyday items required to create such an individual room environment. We have produced a ‘wish list’ below of these items and their costs. No matter how big or small your support is, we will be extremely grateful.

Can you help us by purchasing an item for one of our rooms? These items will directly benefit our patients and their families living with a life limiting illness. You can make a donation to purchase an item by completing the donation form below. Alternatively, you can speak to a member of our team about supporting the construction of a room or the purchase of an item by calling 0141 581 2000.


Desired Item Cost
To sponsor the fit-out of a bedroom (includes fitted furniture). Our aim is to create a living space that provides comfort, security as well as a feeling of peacefulness and well-being. £15,000
To sponsor an en-suite assisted wet-room. This will enable independence for those who use our facilities. £1,764
Integra-lift An integrated hoist system contained within the wardrobe panel. This will support the moving & handling requirements of each patient, and comply with infection control standards. £4,957
Multi-functional bed to meet every patient’s positioning requirements. This will support the individuals comfort as well as health and safety of patients and staff. Note added 14.03.18 - We are delighted to announce that a Charitable Trust has pledged to fund the purchase of eight beds - one for each room. £1,936
Dynamic air-flow mattress: This will support pressure area care and maximise comfort for the patients. £1,795
Riser Recliner : These chairs equipped with integrated pressure cushions allow each patient the ability to sit out of bed or access the garden areas more safely. £2,000
Mobile shower chair + gel cushion : Will ensure comfort and safety £482
Over-bed table: multi-functional to support patients’ independence and ongoing needs in bed and whilst up sitting. £375
Attendant couch: this will allow relatives to relax in comfort during long visiting periods or for staying overnight £1,095
Blinds – three per room These are blackout blinds which are also compliant with infection control standards. £100
Bed linen – three sets per room £70
Duvets – Light weight, Temperature regulation, moisture control, allergen resistant. Such versatility supports a patient’s changing condition. £110
Pillows – Our choice of pillows have 7 removable layers of different materials to meet the individual needs and comfort of our patients. £50
Clocks – Ensuring this item is easy to read helps to support the visual needs of our patients. £25
Pictures: enhances the ambiance of each room. £50
Television: a diversional therapy tool to stimulate and entertain patients and families. Note added 16.03.18. A Charitable Trust has pledged funds to purchase 8 televisions and Netflix subscriptions £220
Visitor chairs – ensuring comfort for long periods £150
Small table & chairs to provide informal family space £150
Ipads / Ipods + docking stations to provide music and entertainment for patients and families. This technology can support contact with family members, close or far-away through such mediums as Skype. £200 Ipod
£350 Ipad
£50 Docking
Pedal Bins £40
Vases £5
Cutlery: Modified cutlery can support and maintain independence for patients with minimal or significant disability. £15
Mats £10
Cups: Modified cups can support and maintain independence for patients with minimal or significant disability £12
Mugs: it is important that we create a warm, comforting and pleasurable environment for relatives and carers alike. £5
Kettle £40
Cushions: an easy way to brighten up a room creating the warmth and comfort of home. £20
Headphones £50
Netflix, Now TV or Amazon Prime membership: creates a versatile entertainment experience, supports communication as well as a source of comfort. £100