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Hummus by Zoom!

Today we had another non-cook cooking session on Zoom, this time healthy Hummus. The demonstration was ably given by Joyce…such a professional and the judge on the best end product was Susan. Hummus is a bit of a work out when done by hand, no electronic gadgets to help here, just pure elbow grease! And the results were described by each participant:

George had (but isn’t) crackers with his – “Super delicious, smoothy, crunchy, lovely loveliness!”

Irene thought about her taste slowly and carefully with great non-verbal communication and said ” not the best I have ever tasted!” (well she certainly wasn’t going to win)

Marna started with “creamy, touch of chilli, perfect” then went on to say “lumpy, bumpy and tasteless until the chilly was added!”

Amy could taste the tahini “but, no, I would eat that”

And Joyce’s was “not lumpy or bumpy but absolutely delicious eating it with my carrot!”

Susan mulled over her decision as the judge and awarded George the winner for the best hummus dish…well done George!