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The Bubble Rush 2017

30th April 2017 @ 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Date: 30 April 2017   Where: Bellahouston Park, Glasgow

We are delighted to have been invited to take part in the Bubble Rush 2017 by the event organisers the Prince & Princess of Wales Hospice.


The event for all ages follows a course that is less than 5k, filled with masses of bubbles. What could be a more entertaining way to spend the day? Open to all ages, the whole family can get involved. The course is not timed so take as long as you like to complete the challenge – run, walk or jog through the frothing bubbles to get to the finish line.  Along the route, high-powered bubble stations will shoot out coloured foam, blowing a massive 30 cubic metres a minute of froth. All you need to do is dive in. Bubble runners are invited to dress up for the occasion: wear tutus, sunglasses, wigs and wings. Just remember to have lots of fun as you go!

What you need to do to support ACCORD Hospice

Step 1. Buy your tickets using this link to Prince & Princess of Wales Hospice registration page.

Step 2. Speak to the Fundraising Team at ACCORD on 0141 581 2000 or email  and Get fundraising on JustGiving!


What is Bubble Rush?
Bubble Rush is a fun run – but it is not a race:  The event is not timed, so there is no competition and no pressure to do anything other than have fun!  Around the course there are four bubble stations, each has a large foam cannon pumping out coloured bubbles.  Our participants – we call them bubblers – walk, run, jog, dance or toddle through the foam.

Is the Bubble Rush timed?
This is not a race and is definitely more about having fun rather than setting a personal best.

How long will it take to finish?
Each event starts with a group warm up to get you in the mood for bubbles, then you set off in a sea of foam.  It can take up to an hour to complete the course, depending on how much fun you’re having in the bubbles!

At the end of the course pick up your Bubble Rush medal and have your picture taken.

What does the entry fee cover?
You will receive a white t-shirt to wear through the bubbles – we guarantee it won’t be white at the end!

What changing facilities are available? 
The event will be taking place in a public area however portaloos will be available to change in.

Are teams allowed?
Absolutely.  A team should be a minimum of four entrants, but there’s no upper limit, so bring the whole office.

What should I wear?
You can wear whatever you like – but be aware that the coloured foam can stain clothing so we recommend that you don’t come along in your best clothes.  We definitely encourage colourful fancy dress.

You may also want to wear something that will help protect your eyes while running through the bubble stations. If you’re bringing kids, we recommend packing some swimming goggles for them – since the bubbles will probably be deeper than they are tall.

What else should I bring?
A small backpack that you can take with you around the course to carry goggles, water and some wet wipes to clean up excess foam. We suggest bringing a change of clothes and shoes, as well as a towel, so you can dry down after the event.

What’s in the foam?
The foam mixture we use is completely natural and safe. The dye in the foam gives vibrant colours, however it is a food dye and is water soluble so it is environmentally friendly too. The creamy foam has the same viscosity as water and does not contain any soap. 

Slight stinging in your eyes may occur, however the pH balance is very low. Just be careful when wiping your eyes with your hands if they have frothy suds all over them. We suggest you pack some wet wipes to remove excess foam after you’ve finished in the bubbles, and having some towels to hand in the car for the journey home – or better still a change of clothes.

Bubble Rush have tested the foam mixture on all manner of humans without issue. The mixture that we use is drier than most foam; therefore you won’t be soaked and won’t be slipping around in the foam.

How deep is the foam?
The bubble stations can be filled to a depth of four feet, so we recommend that you carry small children, hold the hand of older children and that they wear eye protection – swimming goggles are fine.

Bubble Commandos will be shooting foam at us with cannons, isn’t that dangerous?
Our staff are fully trained and will not aim the foam directly at your face. They are there to make sure there are plenty of colourful bubbles and help you have a great time, safely.

Can children take part in Bubble Rush?
Kids love Bubble Rush. They are very welcome long as they can manage the distance and can finish the event.  Children under 16 years must be accompanied around the course by a parent, guardian or responsible adult.
For their safety you should hold your the hand of any child under five years when walking through the foam. Younger children can be carried.

Can we take part with a pushchair?
Yes, the foam is completely safe but just be aware that the foam could stain the fabric – so it’s OK to park up and carry your little ones through the foam.

Can I run with my dog?
The Bubble Rush team loves dogs but only as spectators.  For the safety of all supporters we cannot allow any animals on the course.

Are cameras and phones safe?
It’s a good idea to take some precautions to protect your device.  The foam is water based so if you stay in foam too long your devices may get wet. Also your hands will get wet so be careful not to drop that new smartphone into the foam.


30th April 2017
10:00 am - 1:00 pm


Bellahouston Park
United Kingdom


Prince & Princess of Wales Hospice
0141 429 5599