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Day Therapy Unit Weekly Quiz (Week 23 – 9th September) – Questions

September 8 @ 8:00 am - November 17 @ 5:00 pm

1. A
2. A
3. C
4. B
5. C
6. B
7. C
8. B
9. C
10. C
11. C
12. B
13. B
14. C
15. B
16. B
17. A
18. B
19. C
20. C




If you have access to the Satellite music channels., you are spoiled for choice and of course ‘Alexa’ can source you any radio station from across the globe within seconds.  Back to the late 50’s/60’s and 70’s your choice was fairly restricted.  You may recall that if you wanted to hear a record in advance of buying, e.g. Boots and Cuthbertson’s in Paisley, you could enter a small booth to pick up 1 min of the chosen song.  On TV, (bit old for me), we had the 6/5 Special where the pop stars of the day could show their wares and then in the 1960’s Ready Steady Go came on to the scene on ITV which was presented by Keith Fordyce and Cathy McGowan (who is the live in partner of Michael Ball). BBC quickly followed with Top Of the Pops and these programmes had all the big names live from London or Manchester (apart from Elvis who never performed live in the UK) initially singing, then miming (one of the worst being Roy Wood or maybe Marc Bolan) along to their latest hit hopefully getting us to buy the single.  The shows also drafted in local dance groups to fill the floors and the BBC then launched their own dance troop Pans People (Babs Lord one of the founders marrying Robert Powell).  As time went on, TV producers realised that some ‘youngsters’ were not allowed to watch the likes of Top of the Pops and you then saw ‘groups’ or artists appearing on tea time children’s shows….Five o clock Club/Crackerjack/Blue Peter/Magpie/Basil Brush.  Finally we then had groups own shows like Shang a Lang (Bay City Rollers….did you have the tartan scarf), The Monkees/The Partridge family and The Osmond’s to name a few.  On to the Quiz but before I finish…..What was your first record purchase?  I can remember saving my pocket money and going to Boots to purchase A Beach Boys EP…… Mary Hopkin sang…Those were the days!!    Best wishes  Lawrence





  1. What petrol company in the 60’s encouraged us to put a Tiger in your Tank?  A. Esso  B. Shell    C. Total
  2. What is the national currency of Syria?       A. Pound   B. Dollar    C. Kwacha
  3. In medieval painting, what is added to coloured powder to make paint?    A. Urine   B. Water  C. Egg yolk
  4. In which year was NATO formed?    A. 1919   B. 1949    C. 1944
  5. How do we better know the guerrillas in 1980’s Nicaragua?       A. PLO   B. ETA   C. Contras
  6. Who hosted the Original series of Whose Line is it anyway?   A. Jonathan Ross  B.  Clive Anderson   C. Tony Slattery
  7. In what country would you find the Darling River?  A. Canada   B. New Zealand    C. Australia
  8. What country has the national airline carrier   Afriqiyah?     A. South Africa    B.  Libya    C.  Sudan
  9. Who is the current Foreign Secretary for the UK government?   A. Pritti Patel    B. Michael Gove   C. Dominic Raab
  10. What Russian word means Speaking Aloud?   A.  Glasnost    B. Pravda    C. Nyet
  11. Edward Hubble was associated with what ?      Nuclear Fusion   B. Astronomy   C. Space travel
  12. In which city is the Barbican estate ?      A.   London    B. Bristol   C. Plymouth
  13. Which Beatle sang ‘Imagine’.    A. Ringo Starr    B. John Lennon    C. George Harrison
  14. The famous Spanish Riding school is in which country?    A. Spain     B. Portugal    C. Austria
  15. Conkers fall from which Tree?    A. Ash      B. Horse chestnut    C. Willow
  16. What kind of animal is a Chamois?    A. Bat     B. Antelope    C. Duck
  17. In which English county are The Broads?     A. Norfolk   B. Warwickshire   C. Devon
  18. Budgies are native to which country?    A. Indonesia    B. Australia   C. Chile
  19. Who is the Host of The Cube?    A.  Ben Shephard     B.  Steven Mulhearn    C. Philip Schofield
  20. Mrs Meir was the first woman PM in which country?   A. Iceland    B. Finland   C. Israel,


September 8 @ 8:00 am
November 17 @ 5:00 pm