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Day Therapy Unit Weekly Quiz (Week 1 – Tuesday 7th April)

April 7 - April 9

Answers to Tuesday’s Quiz

1. What is the capital of Equador? A. Bogotá. B. San Juan. C. Quito
2. Who wrote the 39 Steps (standard school book)? A. Sir Walter Scott. B. E m Forster C. John Buchan.
3. Who played Bond in Goldfinger? A. Sean Connery B. Roger Moore. C. Timothy Dalton.
4.Who discovered Penicillin? A. James Watt. B. Alexander Fleming C. Alexander Fleming
5. Iron Pyrite is commonly referred to as what? A. iron ore. B. Lead. C. Fools Gold
6. Who sang Sylvia’s Mother in 1972 (and the operator said 20 cents more….bit of Karaoke here)? A. Free. B. Dr Hook. C. Iron Maiden
7. In which sea was the Piper Alpha disaster? A. North. B. English Channel. C. Atlantic
8. Was Zola Budd a ? A. Swimmer. B. Runner. C. Gymnast
9. Royal Sovereign is a type of what Fruit? A. Pear. B. Strawberry C. Apple
10. What colour together with yellow is on the Spanish flag? A. Red. B. Black. C White
11. What is the other name for a Linden tree ? A. Rowan. B. Elm. C. Lime
12. What is the capital of Canada (especially for our volunteer Beth Berry)? A. Montreal. B. Vancouver C. Ottawa
13. Which MP won 2 Oscars? A. Tony Blair B. Glenda Jackson. C. Margaret Thatcher
14. Where were the 1964 Olympics held? A. Berlin. B. Geneva. C. Tokyo
15. What is the Roman numeral for a thousand? A. M B. V C. X
16. Near which city is Cadbury World and the village of Bournville? A. Nottingham B. Manchester. C. Birmingham
17. How do we better know Reginald Carey ? A. Rex Harrison . B. Elton John. C. Bono
18. In which country is The Swan river? A. Vietnam. B. Australia. C. New Zealand
19. The Nikki stock exchange is where? A. Japan. B. China. C. South Korea
20. When was the ACCORD Hospice opened? A. 1979. B. 1980. C. 1982.


April 7
April 9