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Day Therapy Unit Quiz – Week 3 – Tuesday 21st April

1.  In which country does the river Douro flow in to the Atlantic?   

A. Spain     B.  Portugal   C. France.

2. Who sang Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep?   

A. Brotherhood of Man    B. Lulu    C. Middle of the Road…

3. What colour are Brazil’s football shirts?   

A. Yellow    B. White   C Blue..

4. An Afghan hound has what hair?   

A. Long   B. None    C. Short..

5. What is the capital of Paraguay?   

A. Paraguay City.   B. Asuncion.  C.   Regalia..

6. Cars with the Registration plate C, come from which country?   

A. Canada      B. Cuba       C. Chile..

7. How do we know today Asia Minor?     

A. Iraq     B. Morocco     c. Turkey.

8. What are the keys on an orchestra xylophone made of?   

A.  Wood    B. Tin     C. Ivory…

9. Who is the Patron St of Mountaineers?   

A. Brandy     B.  Bernard     C.  John.

10. What did Wilhelm Rontgen discover? 

A.  Typhoid      B.   Xrays    C.  5 legged camel..

11. The Movie Walk the Line was about what singer?  

A. Glen Campbell   B. Bobbie Gentry    C. Johnny Cash……

12. Which City has the largest population in the World?   

A.  Sydney      B. New York     C. Tokyo…

13. In which city was Megan Markle born?

A. Mexico   B. L.A      C.     New York……

14. What is a sidewinder?    

A.  Snake     B.  Key for a clock      C.   Fish…..

15. Ludology is the study of what?      

A.   Birds       B.  Games    C.  Exotic Food….

16. The nationality of Casanova?   

A. Italian    B. French    C. British…..

17. What colour are the houses in Monopoly?

A. Green B. Red C. Blue

18. Who did The Quarrymen become?   

A. Rolling Stones   B. Kinks    C. Beatles

19. Which river flows through Paisley?   

A. White Cart   B. Black Cart    C. Clyde

20.  Monument Valley is in which American states?   

A. Colorado/Utah    B. Arizona/Utah     C. California/Utah