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Day Therapy Unit Quiz – Week 25 Tuesday 29 September

Another week of restrictions and time to challenge the brain and to ‘win’ the virtual wallet if you can secure 20 out of 20… has been done and as the advert says “It could be you”.   Hearing the upgrading of measures to banish this virus and with semi lockdown  , it reminded me of times well in the past ( I sound like an old codger) when ‘entertainment’ wasn’t the TV or trawling the internet or streaming films BUT playing with your pals .  As a kid, we lived in busy Causeyside Street and had access to Hunterhill/waste ground in Stow Street (now a car park)/the pavements and St Catherine’s school playground (if the Jannie didn’t throw us out…….iron gate bottom row, 4 in and you could squeeze your body through the gap……just.  With my pals, we played football in the playground with jumpers as the goalposts/We begged Dexter’s and Gardiners paint shop for large cardboard boxes, which we flattened and then ‘raced’ down Hunterhills slopes…boy they could shift.  If we were lucky, one of the crew would have a geeg and had great fun whizzing down the pavements with a rope ‘steering’ the front wheels. Other games we played….tie-ing 2 door handles together then ringing the bell….bet you thought butter wouldn’t melt..apologies to Mrs Pender and Miss Cuthbertson in ‘71’ who must have been run ragged with these childish games.   For my sister Chinese ropes…….ohhh just remembered she was cruel in giving me Chinese burns……some game!   The last game for us in our street was the weekly weddings at St Andrews church where ‘us locals’ participated in the ‘scramble’…..not so good when you were 5 or 6 but better when you were older.  What memories do you have of playing???    To the Quiz……

  1. The Femur is a bone located where in the body?   A. Thigh.  B. Ear C. Foot.
  2. In which sport is the Alfred Dunhill cup presented?  A. Golf  B. Boxing C. Swimming
  3. Nadia Comaneci the perfect young gymnast came from which country?  A. Ukraine   B. Romania    C. Bulgaria
  4. Who played Alf Garnett in Till Death Us do part.  A. Patrick Mower   B. Derek Fowler.  C. Warren Mitchell
  5. What does a philatelist collect?   A. Coins    B. Stamps   C. Fossils
  6. Who is the leader of the Labour Party in Scotland?   A. Jackie Baillie    B. Christine Graham    C. Richard Leonard
  7. Which Bingo number is called  out “clickety click”?   A. 36   B. 66   C. 46
  8. What colour is extra virgin oil?   A. Green    B. Brown    C. Yellow
  9. Who played Pussy Galore in Goldfinger?  A. Maud Adams  B. Diana Rigg   C .Honor Blackman
  10. What instrument does James Galway play?   A, Violin    B. Saxophone  C. Flute
  11. In which sport would you have an Eskimo Roll?   A. Ski-ing  B. Canoeing  C. Athletics
  12. In which country is Buenos Aires?   A. Argentina   B. Peru   C. Bolivia
  13. Which punk group had a hit with The Eton Rifles?  A. The Jam   B. The Rezillos   C. The Undertones
  14. In which sea is Cuba situated in?    A. Pacific  B. Caribbean   C. Atlantic
  15. The Nationality of Sophia Loren?    A. Russian   B. Italian   C. Icelandic
  16. The author of Robinson Crusoe?   A. R. L .Stevenson  B. John Buchan   C. Daniel Defoe
  17. The 1951 Festival of Britain was based in which UK city?   A. Southampton   B. Glasgow    C. London
  18. How do we better know today Persia?   A. Iran    B. Turkey   C. Taiwan
  19. Williams and Conference are types of what?   A. Apples   B. Pears  C. Grapes
  20. How many years celebrated by a Platinum anniv?   A. 50    B. 60   C. 70