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Day Therapy Unit Quiz – Week 24 – Tuesday 22nd September

Hello Quizzers as we head in to Autumn and as the old saying goes “the nights are fair drawin in”.   This week moving away from media and taking you back to school days.  My grannie always used to say “they will be the best days of your life” and wonder whether you would agree as you trawl through the memories.  

Who was your first teacher or the best?  In the game kiss, kick or torture was it like me where I always received the latter?  Remember the Mr Fixit of the school…..THE JANNIE….who was always on hand with that magic bucket/shovel and of course the SAND!!  Were you a prefect (I wasn’t but remember they got extra portions at dinner).  In Paisley it was school dinners but strangely 7 miles down the road in Glasgow it was Dinner school.  Remember the Pink custard.  Did you have a crush at school….a fellow pupil or maybe a teacher?   What was your favourite subject and did this shape your career……I wanted to be a TV cameraman but unfortunately I didn’t get the exams required to join the BBC.  Finally were you lucky enough to be chosen to attend a school camp.  I had the privilege for attending Aberfoyle and Middleton where the headmaster was Paisley based Mr Jimmy Moffat whose famous son Stephen was the producer/writer for Dr Who and Sherlock.    Hope you enjoy looking back on years gone by and now on to this weeks Quiz.      Best wishes  Lawrence

  1. In what year was the Battle of Trafalgar?   A. 1769   B. 1805   C. 1694
  2. Who is the patron saint of Artists and Doctors?  A. Luke  B. Mark.  C. John
  3. Who wrote the play Privat Lives?  A. Noel Coward   B. Noel Gordon  C. Keats
  4. Which Group only had 1 No 1 hit in the 60’s with I’m into something Good?   A. Freddie/Dreamers    B. The hollies    C. Herman’s Hermits
  5. Dendrology is the study of what?   A. Frogs    B. Butterflies   C. Trees
  6. The Titanic was launched in which city?   A. Dublin    B. Belfast.  C. Plymouth
  7. Who is Doria Ragland’s famous daughter?  A. Megan Markle.  B. Marilyn Munro  C. Joan Collins
  8. Which is the largest planet in our Solar System?  A. Jupiter  B. Mars   C. Earth
  9. Who is the current host of Supermarket Sweep?   A. Michael Barrymore   B. Rylan     C. Stephen Mulhearn
  10. Tofu comes from which bean?    A. Coffee   B. Haricot  C. Soya
  11. Aylesbury and Milton Keynes are in which English county?   A. Warwick   B. Northumberland    C. Buckinghamshire
  12. What is a Wessex saddleback?    A. Pig    B. Horse   C. Duck
  13. Ingvar Kamprad founded which retail chain?   A. Ikea    B. Lidl   C. Aldi
  14. What is a passepied?    A. Bird    B. Cake   C. Dance
  15. Who played the Barrel organ in the Magic Roundabout?   A. Mr Pastry   b. Mr

Tasty.  C. Mr Rusty

  1. Where did the card game Canasta originate?   A. Spain   B. USA   C. Uruguay
  2. A covey is a group of what?    A. Partridges     B. Herons    C. Doves
  3. What are Garr/Blenny/Coley and Bombay Duck?     A. Chicken dishes   B. Fish dishes   C. Desserts
  4. Where is Fibrin found in your body?   A. Veins    B. Fluids    C. Blood
  5. Which language do the words Tulip and caviar come from?   A. Turkish   B. Finnish   C. Dutch