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Day Therapy Unit Quiz – Week 24 Tuesday 15th September

Hi Quizzers another week of taxing the brain and looking back on yesteryear.

My theme this week (if you have any suggestions for future ‘intro’s please let us know), Tv programmes from the late 50’s /60’s and 70’s where you could learn/brush up your skills on hobbies/do it yourself.  This was before the days of large casts and crews (thinking about Changing Rooms) and I am sure many a person would have picked up on tips/ideas that came through the airwaves on the limited channels we had.    My earliest memory was of the ‘father’ of Do It Yourself : Barry Bucknell and he had a programme on BBC1 in the late 50’s which saw him hosting a number of shows in to the late 60’s.  We then think of all the current shows centred around Baking and you can go back 65 years to when a legend came to the screen: Phyllis Pechy….WHO I hear you say…..probably the Mary Berry of that era none other than the stage name of Fanny Craddock and her side kick on screen and husband Johnny.  Then we had in the late 60’s the Scottish born cook who brought us from Canada The galloping Gourmet….Graham Kerr. Although there were a number of shows for the adults, children’s TV instilled the idea of arts/crafts and how many of us asked parents for coathangers in order we could make an advent candle spinner (not sure if it would be PC to do this under Health and Safety rules) or Magpie teaching us to bake a cake.  If you were in to art, the programme for you was Vison on or Take Hart with Tony Hart and Pat Keysell.    The most famous ‘do it yourself’ project was Blue Peter/Anthea Turner and the use of toilet roll holders/egg boxes to produce Tracy Island from Thunderbirds.  Maybe you have an original boxed Tracy Island in the loft…………if you have I will give you £5.00…….If anyone ever does offer you money for an original…….be aware you could get nearly 100 times my offer!!  How many of us took up new hobbies from watching TV and did we follow a career from an idea on the tele?     

On to this weeks quiz and good luck.      Best wishes  Lawrence.

  1. Which product boasts: ‘it does exactly what it says on the tin’?   a. Heinz baked Beans  b. Dulux paint   c. Ronseal
  2. Who played the character of Jessie James in the 1939 western?   a. John Wayne  b. Tyrone Powers   c. Gary Cooper
  3. In taxation was does the V stand for in VAT?    a.  Vehicle     b. Vanity     c. Value
  4. What sort of bird is a Yaffle?    a. Woodpecker      b. Pigeon     c. Blackbird
  5. Which Israeli Prime Minister was assassinated in Nov 1995?  A. Begin     b. Gael    c. Rabin
  6. How do we better know the singer Clive Powell?   a. Georgie Fame    b. Alan Price    c. Cozey Powell
  7. What does the I stand for in IT?       a. Insight    b. Intelligence    c. Information
  8. Which Lord disappeared after his Nanny was murdered?    a. Lorgan    b. Lucan     c. Lovell
  9. What is French for the number 10?      a. Neuf    b. Dix    c. Funf
  10. What is usually kept in a Band Box?    a. Musical instruments   b. Rubber bands    c. Hats
  11. What sort of drink is Moet and Chandon?    a. Wine     b. Champagne    c. Whisky
  12. What is the colour of the M on the McDonalds brand?     a. Yellow   b. Red   c. Black
  13. Who is the older?      a. Prince Andrew    b. Prince Edward   c. Princess Anne
  14. In which country is Hudson bay?    a. New Zealand   b. Canada    c. Australia
  15. Which country lies east to the border of Chile?   a. Mexico    b. Argentina   c. Bolivia
  16. What has a kick-tail and 4 wheels?     a .Skateboard    b. Golf buggy    c. Electric car
  17. Cary Grant was born in?     a. Chicago    b. Budapest   c. Bristol
  18. Mycology is the study of what?     a. Family Trees     b. Fungi     c. Precious gems
  19. In the phonetic alphabet what does V stand for?    a. Violet    b. Victoria   c. Victor
  20. Who released the biggest selling Album of the 1970’s in the UK?   a. Simon/Garfunkel   b. David Essex   c. ELO