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Day Therapy Unit Quiz Week 15 – 15th July

Answers below

Hello Quizzers , preparing for this weeks ‘challenge’, delved in to the old grey matter and remembered another classic from yesteryear……Top of the Form which ran from 1962 until 1975.  The programme had contestants from Grammar schools throughout the UK and our own Paisley Grammar, got through to the finals in 1976.  The quiz first ran on the radio and it was 1962 that it hit BBC 1.  In the late 70’s, a few International editions took place with the Host being Paddy Feeny (a presenter on Science programmes) but you may recall the early presenter being Geoffrey Wheeler with his assistant Mary Craig.  As Michael Caine once said ‘Not a lot of people know that’ and the fact is that Hugh Grant was once a contestant!   Best of luck with this weeks quiz and no Googling!!

> 1. Which Venetian painter gave his name to a shade of Red?   A. Michael Angelo. B. DaVinci.  C. Titian

> 2. What is the capital state of Tennessee?    A. New Orleans. B. Nashville. C. Georgia

> 3. Which painter cut off his ear?   A. George Stubbs.  B. Andy Warhol. C. Van Goch

> 4. The french town of Grasse is famous for what?  A. Champagne  B. Perfume. C. Truffles 5. What type of fruit is a Starmer?  A. Apple. B. Pear.  C. Peach

> 6. Come on Down was the catchphrase of which popular Tv show?   A. Bullseye.  B. The

> Price is right C. Strike it Lucky

> 7. What was the name of the space telescope sent in to space in the 1990’s?   A. Gemini.  B. Hubble. C. Endeavour

> 8. Where was the singer Lonnie Donegal born?   A. Glasgow. B. Belfast. C. London

> 9. What is a Goucho?   A. Musical Instrument.  B.  South American cowboy. C. Moustache

> 10, The coronation date of Queen Elizabeth 2nd?    A. 1951.  B. 1952.  C. 1953

> 11. What is the medical name for lockjaw?   A. Dislocation.  B. Tetanus.  C. Mumps

> 12. In 1975, the UK joined the Common Market, who was the PM at that time?   A. Harold Wilson.  B. Ted Heath.  C. Michael Foot

> 13. How do we better know William Bonnie?   A. Will I am. B. Buffalo Bill. C. Billy the Kid

> 14. Thor Heyerdahl crossed the Pacific in 1974 on a raft, what was it called?   A. Kon Tiki.  B.  George Rafter.   C. Sprint

> 15. Which author created Robinson Crusoe?   A. Walter Scott.  B. Daniel Defoe.  C. Neville Shute

> 16. Which country is the worlds largest producer of Copper?   A. Chile. B. Zimbabwe C. China

> 17. Who has had the most No 1 hits in the UK charts   A. Elvis. B. One Direction. C. Beatles

> 18. Where was Napoleon born?   A. Paris.   B. Berlin.  C. Corsica

> 19. Stanley Holloway once sang Get me to the Church on Time, from what Musical?    A. My Fair Lady.    B. Half a Sixpence. C. Dr Doolittle

> 20.   What sport was Australian Ken Rosewell famous for?   A. Cricket. B. Australian Football. C. Tennis

Answers for Quiz 15

1. C

2. B

3. C

4. B

5. A

6. B

7. B





12. A

13. C