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Day Therapy Unit Quiz Tuesday 9th February

  1. What was the currency in Portugal before the Euro?            A. Florin   B. Peso   C. Escudo
  2. What is the capital city of the State of Nevada?                     A. Las Vegas    B. Carson City    C. Paradise
  3. Who had a top ten hit with Lola in 1970?                A. The Kinks  B. The Animals    C. The who
  4. Which town in Tyne and Wear is famous for hunger marches?    A. Gateshead    B. Jarrow    C. Newcastle
  5. Entomology is the study of what?       A. Birds      B. Fish     C. Insects
  6. Which Louisiana port is the home of Jazz?     A. New Orleans    B. Charleston     C. Tampa
  7. Where is the HQ of Interpol?       A. London      B. Lyon      C. Paris
  8. Which days child is full of grace?  A. Tuesday     B. Thursday     C. Saturday
  9. Which yellow flower is named The Lent Lily?     A. Pot Mum     B.  Poppy     C. Daffodil
  10. Glen Millers theme tune: Moonlight?      A. Serenade    B. Shadow    C. Sonata
  11. Where is the auditory canal?   A. Venice       B.  In your nose    C. In your ear
  12. Daniel Carroll found fame on the stage as who?   A. Danny Baker   B. Danny La Rue   C. Daniel Craig
  13. Who launched Skytrain cheap air travel in the 1990’s?    A. Richard Branson    B. Freddie Laker   C. Michael O.Leary
  14. What is driven by a Mahout?    A. Catamaran       B.   Bob sleigh      C. Elephant
  15. What is Blue Vinney?     A. Cheese     B. German wine      C.  Alpine plant
  16. The painter L S Lowry was born where?     A. Paris     B. Chester    C. Manchester
  17. Which river flows through Inverness?    A. The Ness     B. The Tay   C. The Findhorn
  18. Who is the host of Mastermind?    A. Victoria Cohen     B.  John Humphries     C.  George Alahgahia
  19. Where in the Uk is the Bullring shopping centre?    A. Portsmouth   B. Birmingham    C. Manchester
  20. Who makes the Zoe car?      A. Renault      B.  Skoda       C.  Vauxhall