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Day Therapy Unit Quiz Tuesday 8th December

Deck the Halls……nearly time to get in to the garage/loft to dig out the boxes/bags with 2020 Festive decorations and of course to find that some of the bulbs have gone out…aghhhhhh…in the light chains!  This week we have the 60th anniversary of “Corrie” and my intro centres around this great British institution.   I would be very surprised if there isn’t anyone throughout the land who hasn’t tuned in (maybe with parents choice of viewing) to hear of what was happening ‘on the Street’.  I could write pages on this soap which has had some explosive and touching (as in the recent storyline of Oliver) episodes and I am sure that I will miss out maybe your favourite character or scene.  In around 1962/3 we went to visit relatives in Manchester and as we arrived at their house,  the mid terrace was to a tee the set of Corrie.  I remember smoke billowing out of the chimneys and the toilet was up the back of the garden with newpapers being used instead of Andrex (who remembers IZAL!!).

It was December 1960 when we tuned in to Channel 10 to pick up the first episode of Coronation Street in black and white.  The opening credit had smoking chimneys and the old Granada logo with intro ‘From the North’.  Did you know that 2 weeks before launch, the title of the soap was agreed as Florizel Street.  It was only as the creator sitting having his lunch and discussing plans with colleagues was over heard by a cleaner who said it sounded like a toilet cleaner!   Life in the ‘street’ revolved around The Rovers Return which was initially managed by Annie and Jack Walker.  There have been around 12 owners of the pub which serves Newton and Ridley ales and names you may recall:  Jack/Vera….Alec Gilroy…Fred (I say) Fred Elliot…Liz McDonald …Mike Baldwin.   To date their have been 66 bar maids and a few names to bring back memories:  Sally Lindsay…Sue Jenkins…..Tina Hobley…Kym Marsh…Katherine Kelly..Sarah Lancashire…Michelle Keegan……what a great springboard to their careers in Tv/Theatre.

Some huge names have appeared on the show….NOT ME YET…BUCKET LIST…..Status Quo/Joanna Lumley/Sir Ian McKellan/Roy Hudd/Peter Kay/Sir Ben Kingsley/Peter Noone/Prince Charles/Patrick Stewart/Robert Vaughan and Rula Lenska

Characters include: Ena Sharples (I think we only once saw The Glad Tidings Mission Hall)/Elsie Tanner/Ken Barlow (the ONLY original cast member still in the soap)/Rita Fairclough/Uncle Albert Tatlock (his picture is still in the Barlow living room)/Alf Roberts/Stan and Hilda (3 flying geese on the wall and what a singer Hilda was..NOT)/Reg Holdworth and Curly Watts/Deirdre Barlow (free Deidre campaign). Emily Bishop (who was stood up at the alter) by Leonard Swinley (Arthur Lowe) and finally Mavis Riley (who didn’t really know)…..I MUST stop!!     We cannot conclude without a mention of the baddies…….Pat Phelan/Richard Hillman/Gary Windass/Terry Duckworth (trying to sell his son/Geoff Metcalfe/Tony Gordon and we can’t forget Tracy Barlow and David Platt/Alan Bradley (who in real life is married to Audrey).    Last piece of trivia (if you are still with me up to this point), who has been on every credit since 1960….Eric Spear who??…the composer of the theme tune,,,it should really have been Dave Browning who is the chap that plays the trumpet.     Happy anniversary Corrie and here’s to another 60.    To the quiz which will have a few Corrie questions:

  1. Who played PAMMY in Dallas?   A. Victoria Principal      B. Victoria Beckham     C. Victoria Harrow
  2. Approx how many bones in the human body?    A. 86    B. 206     C. 875
  3. When was the first .com website registered?     A. 1975    B. 1985   C. 1995
  4. Insects make up what % of all known species on Earth?    A. 5    B. 50      C. 80
  5. Which Coffee shop has a branch in Corrie?    A. Tim Horton    B. Starbucks    C. Costa
  6. In which country would you likely find a Kibbutz?    A. Turkey    B. Israel    C. Hungary
  7. Who wrote A Passage to India?   A. E M Forster     B. Rudyard Kipling    C. W H Auden
  8. How many grams in a Kilogram?   A. 1000   B.  100   C. 10
  9. What sort of creature is an Hungarian puli?    A. Cat    B. Dog    C. Sheep
  10. What hobby did Jack Duckworth have?    A. Stargazing    B. Collected beer bottles    C. Had racing pigeons
  11. Which city has a famous Royal Crescent?    A. Bristol    B. Bath    C. Norwich
  12. What can be Wrasse or Blenny?    A. Fish      B. Pears    C. Apples
  13. Which group had a hit with Reach for the Stars in 2000?    A. Hear Say    B. Spice Girls   C. Steps
  14. How did Alan Bradley die in Blackpool?    A. Fell off Tower   B. Fell off Rollercoaster   C. Hit by a tram
  15. Earlier this year Corrie celebrated its what episode?    A.  5000th    B. 10000th   20000th
  16. What was the BBC’s first ever soap on tv in the 60’s?   A.  Triangle   B. Compact     C. Emergency Ward 10
  17. Wizz Air is a company with its HQ in what country?     A. Germany   B. Iceland     C. Hungary
  18. THE Kit Kat club appears in which film?    A. Charlie and the Choc factory.  B. Grease    C. Cabaret
  19. Fiji is in what ocean?      A. Pacific    B. Indian    C. Atlantic
  20. What is the main language of Angola?   A. Portuguese     B. French    C. German