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Day Therapy Unit Quiz Tuesday 6th April 2021

  1. What sort of creature is a Bittern?      A. Insect     B. Mammal    C.  Bird
  2. What is the German town of Meissen famous for?   A.  Beer   B. Porcelain    C.  Cars
  3. Which airport is the subject of an ITV series?     A. Manchester    B. Gatwick   C. Heathrow
  4. The original name of Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam?   A. Saigon   B. Hanoi     C. Danang
  5. Which car manufacturer produces the Focus?     A.  Skoda    B.  Renault    C. Ford
  6. What type of food is Pomelo?     A. Fruit      B.  Vegetable    C. Cake
  7. Which artificial organ was invented in 2001?    A.  Heart    B. Liver    C. Lung
  8. Eccles cakes are traditionally from which county?    A. Leicestershire    B. Hampshire   C. Lancashire
  9. Which children’s author wrote about Gangsta Granny?   A. Matt Lucas    B. David Walliams    C. Roald Dahl
  10. In the UK, Louise Brown is famous for what?    A. First woman in Space   B. Last female execution  C. Test tube baby
  11. The name of a female Deer?     A. Buck     B. Doe    C. Roe
  12. In snooker what points for sinking the Yellow?     A. 2     B. 3     C. 6
  13. How many squares on a Chess Board?    A. 32    B. 64    C. 128
  14. Who sang Message in a Bottle?      A.  The Jam      B.  The Police     C. Barry Manilow
  15. In which city is Temple Meads station?     A. Liverpool     B. Southampton    C. Bristol
  16. Baku is the capital of which country?    A. Azerbaijan      B. Andorra    C. Armenia
  17. A Blue Orpington is a kind of what?     A. Chicken     B. Sheep   C.  Butterfly
  18. USA President before Bill Clinton?   A. G Bush snr     B. G Bush jnr    C.  Jimmy Carter
  19. La Guardia is an airport in which US city?    A. Dallas     B.  Seattle    C. New York
  20. What does the Q stand for in IQ?       A. Question     B. Qoutient      C. Query