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Day Therapy Unit Quiz – Tuesday 3rd November

As we celebrated All Hallows day last week, the Halloween festival had its origins in the ancient pre Christian Celtic festival of Samhian which first appeared on October 31st.  The celebration is of the Samhian event which means Summers end and this dovetails in to the harvest season.  This year due to the horrible Covid19, no need to put off the lights/hide behind the couch (memories of Dr Who)/ or pull the curtains as traditional guising is being put on hold until 2021.  I am sure you will remember your parents/friends, helping you dress up to go round the doors (not only in the immediate area where you lived) to “trick or treat” and hopefully at the end of the evening have bags of sweets or nuts (later money) to last you for weeks. I remember 5 years ago, a wee boy came to the door and as we had run out of goodies, I thought, I’ll give him a pound…….MUG…..within 10 mins I had at least 14 knocks on the door….I could see their agenda….forget the nuts….get the money!!!  Over the years since the inception of guising in the 16th century, it is now a multi million pound industry (coming from across the pond) where decorations/glitzy costumes are on sale at the supermarkets.  Is it not better to be inventive and as we did 50 odd years ago, do your own thing with costume design?…….OR am I being an old fuddy duddy!  Before we head in to this weeks themed Quiz, I was invited to a fancy dress party in a posh suburb of Edinburgh in 1975,  the theme  Vicars/Tarts….ALL in the best possible taste (yes the local police were called when neighbours saw so many ministers going in to this house with ‘ladies’).  As I drove across to Edh, I was stopped by the police and asked where I was going and had I been drinking?   In retrospect, maybe driving over in costume wasn’t the best decision as I did look a bit odd dressed up as a STAWBERRY ‘Tart’…….I did win first prize at the party!!    To the quiz:

  1. When was the original film Ghostbusters released?    A. 1979   B. 1984   C. 1990
  2. Who had a hit in 1981 with Ghost Town?    A. The stranglers   B. The Jam    C. The specials
  3. What was the name of Herman Munsters wife?    A. Lily    B. Elvira    C.  Letia
  4. In which century did the Salem witch-craft trials take place?  A. 19th    B. 18th   C. 17th
  5. Which Hollywood star had a cameo role in Michael Jackson’s Thriller video?   A. Boris Karloff   B. Vincent Price    C. Peter Cushing
  6. Haylet is what countries word for Ghost?     A. Turkish    B. Welsh    C. French
  7. Who painted the famous painting The Scream?   A. John Constable   B. Edvard Munch    C. Picasso
  8. This Silver State was admitted on Halloween 1864 as the 36th State?    A. Texas   B. Nevada   C. Ohio
  9. What is a Hallow?     A. Plough     B. Pumpkin    C. A Saint/Holy person
  10. Which race introduced Bobbing for apples?    A .Picts     B. Norse   C. Romans
  11. Orange pumpkins are native to which continent?   A. North America     B. South America   C. Asia
  12. Approx what did Halloween revellers spend ( $) in the USA in 2019?   A. 4 billion   B. 9 billion    C. 790 million
  13. What do Pumpkins grow on?    A. Trees    B. Vines   C .Stalks
  14. Who directed Psycho and The Birds?   A. Hitchcock    B. Craven    C. Raimi
  15. Which country celebrates Halloween by eating sweet skulls?    A. Mexico    B. Italy    C. Russia
  16. What is a male witch called?     A, Witchman       B. Halloweenie    C. Warlock
  17. Gene Simmons is the lead singer of which masked Group?     A. Backstreet Boys    B. Blue    C. Kiss
  18. Who played Hazel the McWitch in BBC’s Rentaghost?   A. Barbara Mullen    B. Molly Weir   C. Elaine c Smith
  19. How much of a Pumpkin is water?     A. 90%    B. 75%    C.40%
  20. Who was the first actor to play Wolfman.. aoowwwww?    A. Lon Chaney   B. Bela Lugosi   C. Vincent Price