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Day Therapy Unit Quiz Tuesday 30 March

  1. Who from the Tv show Groundforce is joining Homes Under The Hammer?   A. Alan Titchmarsh    B. Tommy Walsh   C. Charlie Dimmock
  2. In which year was the Lockerbie aircraft disaster?   A. 1988    B.  1982   C. 1991
  3. Which actor played Robert McCall in the Equalizer?   A.  Roger Moore   B.  Dudley Moore   C. Edward Woodward
  4. Of which fruit is the Plantain a subspecies?    A. Apple    B. Pear   C. Banana
  5. What sort of creature is a Shih Tzu?    A. Dog    B. Cat    C. Snake
  6. Where is the Taj Mahal?    A. Bombay    B. Agra    C. Dehli
  7. Who sang in the 60’s: I want to be Bobby’s Girl?                 A. Lulu     B . Milly    C.  Susan Maughan
  8. Which country attacked Pearl Harbour in the 2nd WW?    A.  China   B. Japan   C. Germany
  9. Which country ruled Greece until 1830?     A. Turkey    B. Albania   C. Italy
  10. 0207 is the dialling code for which city?    A. Birmingham   B. London   C. Leeds
  11. Where is Lord Nelson buried?    A. St Pauls Cathedral   B. Westminster Cathedral    C. The Island of Elba
  12. Which element is also known as Quicksilver?    A.  Iron    B. Mercury    C.  Cobalt
  13. Who was the first barman in the TV series Cheers?    A. Coach    B. Woody    C. Paul
  14. In which country is an Eisteddfod held?     A. Ireland   B. England   C. Wales
  15. LBJ was a President of which country?    A.  Argentina    B.  USA    C. Romania
  16. What is a bullace?      A. Darts champion     B. Farmer    C. Plum
  17. Who had a hit in the 70’s with Part of the Union (you don’t get me)?   A. Kinks    B. Darts   C. Strawbs
  18. Who is the female lead presenter on BBC’s Morning Live show?    A. Kym Marsh   B. Alex Scott    C. Laura Tobin
  19. What was Theresa May’s maiden name?    A. Brasier    B. Frasier     C.  Leander
  20. What colour are laburnum flowers?      A. Orange    B. Red   C. Yellow