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Day Therapy Unit Quiz Tuesday 27 October 2020

As the clocks have just gone back, we find ourselves in slightly lighter mornings and darker nights……………….that reminds me its that time of year for Halloween and next weeks ‘insight’ and quiz questions will revolve around that theme.

This week I came across an article on the GPO tower in central London (now BT tower) where construction started in 1961 and was officially opened in 1964.  The tower held the record of the tallest building in the UK for over 16 years and had a revolving restaurant on the 34 floor operated by (believe it or not) Butlins.  Just in case you think I am an ‘anorak’ on towers, my link is that when I was 10, this was the start of my First Day cover collection on top of my stamp collection.  What did you collect as a youngster?   Could it have been the ‘cards’ from the packets of tea that your mum bought ? The card collections ranged from cars to butterflies to footballers.  For the girls I would suspect it could have been dolls/scraps/stuffed animals or editions of Bunty/Jackie or Pop magazines.   We also had the likes of Matchbox cars where if you have an original James Bond edition with box…please contact me and I will give you £30..or alternatively head to an auction to secure over £1000.00.  Marbles also were collectables and you could top up your collection by playing games at school and securing your spoil with your winning glass ball…how did they get the coloured bit inside.  If you had a relative in Heavy Industry, you may have been luck enough to have a ‘steelie’.  Going back to my stamps (still 3 books and covers in the loft), I once took my prized collection to a dealer in Hope Street in Glasgow around 1972 and he offered me £25.00……I was shocked… retrospect it must have been the ‘quality’ packets of worldwide (collector exclusives) stamps that I bought in Woolworths!!!     On to this weeks brain teaser quiz.

  1. The Schilling was the pre Euro currency of what country?  A. Poland  B. Belarus  C. Austria
  2. Who played Mary ‘doll’ in Rab C?   A. Ellen Nesbett   B. Elaine B Roberts.  C. Elaine C Smith.
  3. Which island nation in the Indian Ocean has the capital Victoria?   A. Madagascar    B. Seychelles    C. Maldives
  4. Which Non metallic chemical element is represented by the letter S?   A. Sulfur     B. Selenium    C. Silicon
  5. In which country is the Antonine wall built by The Romans?   A. Scotland    B. England    C. Wales
  6. Which duo had a No1 hit in 1992 with “Stay”?    A. Simon and Garfunkel   B. Shakespears Sister   C. Peters and Lee.
  7. Who is the host of the ITV gameshow The Cube?   A. Stephen Mulhearn   B. Paddy McGuiness   C. Philip Schofield
  8. In golf what term is used for 1 under par?   A. Albatross    B. Eagle   C. Birdie
  9. Trenton is the state capital of which US state?    A. New Jersey   B. New Hampshire    C. Idaho
  10. Robben island was a prison near which city?    A. New York   B. San Francisco    C. Cape Town
  11. Where in the UK is The Isle of Dogs?    A. Southampton    B. London   C. Newcastle
  12. On the Chinese calendar, what is the only Bird?   A. Canary    B. Pheasant   C. Cockerel
  13. Which profession did George Washington first start out in ?   A. Surveyor   B. Lawyer   C. Singer
  14. Which country has the highest density of sheep in the world?  A. NZ   B. Wales  C. Argentina
  15. Who was the Greek goddess of the rainbow?  A. Maskouri    B. Daisy   C. Iris
  16. Jack Straw held which of the following cabinet posts in the Labour government?   A. Chancellor of the Exchequer    B. Home Sec’y   C. Minister of Transport
  17. Who was the current Queens FIRST PM?   A. Lloyd George    B. Churchill  C. Asquith
  18. What kind of plant is a Maidenhair?   A. Fern    B. Ivy    C. Pansy
  19. What is Prince Williams second name?     A. Louis    B. Charles   C. Arthur
  20. In which ocean is Greenland situated?   A. Antarctica  B. Artic   C. Atlantic