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Day Therapy Unit Quiz Tuesday 24th November

Hello quizzers and my theme this week is a tied in to somewhere you would wish to be at the current time…..a luscious green  island with clear water lagoons/coconuts and bags of sun….YES a desert island OR ( if you like Artic roll/Rhubarb and custard) could it be a dessert island?   When I was working in financial services, had the pleasure of attending at least a hundred dinners where I would entertain 10 guests at my corporate table for the evening.  If you have been at one of these functions, the host/hostess usually sits in the middle and it is very difficult to engage conversation with everyone.  I used to ‘upset the apple cart’ by changing my seat at every course however it meant that I could interact with guests and no one would feel left out.  Where is the link to my opening I hear you say?  Well as the guests assembled and prepared for the night, I would announce to all that we were going to play a game……you could see the initial horror in guests faces as they imagined, how can we play charades or name that tune in a packed hall.   I do remember that one very posh lady who I had not met before (her firm channelled millions to my company) stood up and I thought….she is about to walk out… my amazement she said “ does it involve taking items of clothing off”…….now that’s what you call an opener……what a great night we had with all participants getting involved in a Desert Island disc challenge.  I can report that in my 25 years of hosting and playing the game, not ONE person didn’t get involved.  If you are looking for an ice breaker,  this game is spot on and one other guest who came with a colleague blurted out to her “I have worked with you for 30 years and didn’t know you were a punk rock fan”!   The questions I asked:   Favourite: book+Film+Group or piece of music/who would you choose to have a meal with?  On to this weeks teasers….onwards and upwards.

  1. What is the currency of Kenya?    A. Pound     B. Shilling    C. Dollar
  2. What were the targets of the Wallis bouncing bombs?   A. Factories    B.  Harbours   C. Dams
  3. Who wrote The Old Curiosity Shop?   A. Orwell    B. Keats   C. Dickens
  4. Which OZ Group had a hit with Down Under in 1983?   A. Men at Work   B. Inxs   C. Truly Madly Deeply
  5. In which year was the First walk in space?  A. 1960    B. 1965   C. 1969
  6. Who founded Singapore in 1819?    A. Columbus     B. Cook     C. Raffles
  7. What is the common name for animals in the family Felidae?     A. Cats     B. Dogs     C. Elephants
  8. In which US state is Princeton Univ?    A. New Jersey    B. Kentucky   C. California
  9. What type of animal is a KOB?     A. Fish     B. Antelope   C.  Bear
  10. Who wrote the novel Robinson Crusoe?   A. R L Stevenson     B. Daniel Defoe   C. J R R Tolkien
  11. Which countries compete for the Ashes in cricket?   A. UK/Australia    B. S Africa/Wales    C. Australia/New Zealand
  12. What country is the Internet domain .SE for?    A. Senegal    B. Serbia   C. Sweden
  13. The Tennessee Three were the backing singers of which country star?   A. Johnny Cash    B. John Denver   C. Dolly Parton
  14. Who is the host of the ITV quiz: 5 Gold Rings?   A. Stephen Mulhearn   B. Bradley Walsh   C. Phil Schofield
  15. The dish Eggs Florentine contains what vegetable?   A. Spinach     B. Parsley     C. Cabbage
  16. What is a Saxifrage?    A.  Person from Norway     B. Small rock plant     C. Salt mine
  17. President Marcos was ousted as leader of what country?   A. Argentina    B. Mexico    C. Philippines
  18. What is the main spoken language in Mexico?    A. English    B. Spanish    C.  Portuguese
  19. Calcutta stands on what river?    A. Ganges     B. Nile      C. Brahmaputra
  20. Who was Obama’s Vice President?     A. Joe Biden    B. Hilary Clinton    C. Sarah Palin