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Day Therapy Unit Quiz Tuesday 23rd March

  1. Which is the smallest state in the USA?   A. Texas      B. Rhode Island   C. Maryland
  2. What sort of creature is a KNOT?     A.  Bird      B.  Fish     C. Insect
  3. What is the capital of Switzerland?    A. Geneva    B. Zurich    C. Bern
  4. Who was the original host of Bullseye?    A. Bob Monkhouse    B. Paul Daniels   C. Jim Bowen
  5. Where was the Actor Martin Compston  born?    A. Glasgow   B. Greenock   C. Helensburgh
  6. In which country is Rioja wine produced?   A.   Spain     B. Italy   C. Germany
  7. Who was the first Roman emperor?     A.  Caesar    B.  Augustus    C. Hadrian
  8. How many teats does a cow normally have?    A. 4     B. 6     C. 8
  9. Which University is the oldest in England?   A. Bath     B.  Cambridge   C. Oxford
  10. Where was the singer Rihanna born?     A.  Bermuda    B. Barbados   C. Aruba
  11. How often is the football World Cup held?  A. 4 years  B. 5 years   C. 6 years
  12. What is carried out by a Testator?   A. Academic Examinations     B.  Eye Tests    C. Writing a will
  13. How many players are in a Curling team?     A.  3   B. 4   C. 6
  14. Which Spring flower did Wordsworth write about?    A. Snowdrop     B.  Tulip   C. Daffodil
  15. A poult is the young of what?    A. Turkey    B. Salmon    C. Otter
  16. What meat appears in a traditional Punch/Judy show?   A.  Bacon    B.  Steak    C. Sausages
  17. What was the name of the dog puppet gloved by Bob Carolgees?    A. Sweep    B. Spit    C.  Gnasher
  18. Which country has the National Airline Nippon?     A.  Nigeria    B.  China    C. Japan
  19. Which comedy series featured The Boswells?    A.  Royle family    B.  Bread    C. Butterflies
  20. The character name played By Stratford Johns in Softly Softly?  A.  John Watt     B.  Charlie Barlow    C. Harry Hawkins