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Day Therapy Unit Quiz Tuesday 23rd February

  1. What is the currency in Australia?      A. Dollars     B. Pounds     C.  Peso
  2. What type of creature is a Flounder?    A. Bird    B. Frog    C. Fish
  3. What is the GNU also known as?    A. Lemur     B.  Ostrich    C. Wildebeest
  4. The Dickens novel with the quotation “Barkis is Willin”?    A. David Copperfield   B. Tale of 2 cities  C. Oliver Twist
  5. Which US Presidents father was the Ambassador to the UK?    A. Nixon    B. Kennedy   C. Carter
  6. The Dogger Bank (shipping area) is in which sea?  A.  Irish     B.  North    C.  English Channel
  7. The Carol who presented Changing Rooms?    A. Vorderman    B. Royale    C. Smillie
  8. What is a Coracle?    A. Sea shell     B. Lightweight boat    C. Biscuit
  9. What is the epicarp of an orange?    A. Peel    B. Pips    C. Segments
  10. The Angel falls (highest in the world) are in what continent?   A. Africa    B. Asia  C. South America
  11. The captain of the Golden Hind ship?   A. Francis Drake   B. Walter Raleigh   C. Francis Chichester
  12. A Jenny is a female what?    A.  Horse    B. Donkey    C. Boar
  13. Which country has stamps with Helvetia on them?   A. Austria    B.  Hungary     C. Switzerland
  14. The champions Tv series (backdrop,  lake with fountain) was based in which city?  A. Paris   B. London   C. Geneva
  15. Who founded IKEA?   A. Igor Kea    B. Ingvar Kamprad  C. Ike Anders
  16. Which country has the national airline Lufthansa?    A. Germany   B. Iceland   C.  Bulgaria
  17. What is the name of the Probe that landed on Mars Feb 21?  A. Sweetness    B.  Explorer   C. Perseverance
  18. Where was Sylvester McCoy (Dr Who) born.   A. Scotland   B. Ireland   C. Wales
  19. What was the profession of James Herriot?   A.  Dentist     B. Doctor   C. Vet
  20. The star of Africa is what type of gem?    A. Diamond   B. Sapphire    C. Ruby