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Day Therapy Unit Quiz Tuesday 20th October

As we hear of new restrictions in relation to Covid, note that here in the west, cinemas will be closed until the next review.

In looking back this week, Cinemas will (if you will excuse the pun)  be in the spotlight……..reminds me of my appearance in Train Spotting 2….as the Director shouts “Lights/Camera and Action”.

Paisley was spoiled in the past with at one point 8 ‘active’ cinemas namely: The Picture House (High St with lovely old fountain in main reception)/La Scala in the High Street with marble entrance and tea room above/Regal end of High St which of course had the ABC minors club/Kelburne out on Glasgow Road which still had the organ at the side of the stage/Astoria ( too young for me) in Lawn St/The Palladium (down a lane from the High St/West End in Broomlands/New Alex in Neilston Road which I passed every day going to South School.   Those were the days when we didn’t have computer games/I phones and TV was still pretty limited.   What memories do you have of attending the flicks?  Was it a date with your first boyfriend/girlfriend……Did you skip in through the back emergency exit when your pals opened the door….NOT ME MISTER…..Were you an ABC minor singing along?

If you lived In Renfrew, the choice of cinema was NONE…….On the Ferry Road you only had The Picture House which was renamed The Regal in the early 30’s.   Crossing the county (at that time), Barrhead had 2 options The Centre Cinema and the one that I remember The Pavilion which was then renamed The George based in The High Street.

For me the pictures had their ups and downs.  I can vividly remember my mum and dad taking me on a tram up to Barrhead to see Danny Kaye starring in The Hans Christian Andersen story at The Pavilion around 1958 and I can still sing the words of the song Thumbalina…..its amazing what our brains digest and store.   Then we move 11 years on and here I am at 15 (tall for my age), putting on a gruff voice and going to the The Regal in Paisley to watch IF………”are you sure you are 18 son”?   Wow that was a boast to your pals “just got in to see an over 18 film”.  The biggest down (no names no packdrill) , took my girlfriend to see The Towering inferno which today is still a classic and a who’s who of stars.  My ‘friend’ of over 10 months, suggested we first of all go for a meal/have a drink/enjoy the film (+popcorn).  What a night (so I thought) fantastic film and then when I dropped her off (not far from The Hospice), she said “sorry your dumped”!!!    Could she not have told me this before I spent my hard earned cash…….answers on a postcard too:  Broken Heart etc etc.

On to the Quiz and NO questions on The Towering Inferno!!

  1. Who played The Fonz in Happy Days?    A. Henry Winkler  B. Ron Howard. C. Tom Bosley
  2. Which US duo asked us to “Walk Right Back” in 1961?  A. Simon and Garfunkel   B. The Everly Bros   C. The Smothers Brothers
  3. What does Hitler’s Mein Kampf mean?   A. My Dream   B. My Struggle  C. My Home
  4. Which architect built the  St Pauls Cathedral? A. Norman Foster   B. Christopher Wren   C. Frank Lloyd Wright
  5. A bloody Mary contains which alcoholic liquid?    A. Gin    B. Whisky  C. Vodka
  6. What is the US equivalent description of  our Mobile Phone?   A. Cell phone   B. Tablet   C. Walkie talkie
  7. Boris Johnson was born where?   A. Singapore   B. London  C. New York
  8. Who was Barak Obama’s VP?   A. Joe Biden    B. Hilary Clinton   C. Madeline Albright
  9. Which country produces Rioja wine?   A. USA (Nappa Valley).  B. Portugal   C. Spain
  10. Santorini is an Island off which country’s coast?  A. Italy    B. Greece   C. Turkey
  11. If you dip litmus paper in acid, what colour does it turn?   A. Blue  B. Green  C Red
  12. South Beach (party capital of the Southern USA) can be found in which state?  A. California    B. Florida    C. New Mexico
  13. Which river rises in The Black Forest?  A. Danube   B. Rhone  C. Rhine
  14. Which English city has a Goose Fair?   A. Leeds  B. Bath   C. Nottingham
  15. A Muscovy is a type of which bird?    A. Duck  B. Chicken   C. Pigeon
  16. Cork is sourced mainly from which tree?   A. Oak   B. Pine   C. Chesnut
  17. The Kings of Alba reigned in which country?   A. Albania   B. Scotland  C. Spain (Alhambra).
  18. Which sport is Clare Francis famed for?   A. Horse racing   B. Swimming   C. Sailing
  19. What is the second largest city in the UK (city+metro area)?  A. Glasgow   B. Bristol   C. Liverpool
  20. Achulophobia is the fear of what?   A. Darkness   B. Pain    C. Water