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Day Therapy Unit Quiz Tuesday 1st December

Hello Quizzers, where has this year gone?  I can hear you say “down the drain” due to the Covid virus./  However it is looking like light at the end of the tunnel ( its NOT a train thundering down the track) but with a vaccine (with many options).  Around this time many moons ago, a script writer came up with an idea which he pitched to Granada and it is now 60 years since the first episode of Corrie.   Next week more on this British institution and some theme related questions thrown in to the mix which will test your memory of this Soap.

This week I was thinking back again to school days and especially as you headed for the 11+ or last year in Secondary.  In primary (at that time) the key was to pass that dreaded 11+ OR FOR ME 11-, that allowed you to progress to Senior Secondary and secure Highers to access University or the career that you had in mind.  I had always wanted to be a TV cameraman since I was around 9/10 but had been told that I need Higher Maths/English and possibly Science.  With missing the mark….sounds MUCH BETTER than failing….I lost my dream as the Junior Secondary route was a long road and even then, had to go to night school or college to secure qualifications.  I wonder in hindsight for slow learners (like me), if we blocked out a number of students aiming for their dream and falling through the gaps because they didn’t have the magic number ?  Were the exams the B all and end all?…….at that time YES.   As secondary finished, one of the weekly periods was the meeting with the careers officer and a placement in the community to give you a feel of ‘the real world’.  I can still remember (our school had an odd way of selecting) pulling Paisley Fire station out of the hat.  Pretty interesting behind the scenes but everyone wanted to queue up to slide down the brass pole…remind you of London’s Burning?   Some of the careers officers really took an interest and others……well it used up a period for them.   As I went through college, I owe my career in Financial services to the late Hugh Niven who was reading the Glasgow Herald jobs page to students and said “ Lawrence this post at Scottish Mutual looks ideal for you.”…..INDEED IT WAS .   Did you achieve your goal in securing the job that was on your horizon?   Maybe a teacher/parent or mentor pointed you in the right direction.   Especially in todays new world, our future generation need EVERY support in helping them on their career journey and IT COULD BE YOU, that helps them on their way with YOUR experience in a role/job and of course LIFE experience.  WOW, a heavy way to finish off my intro and now on to this weeks questions:

  1. What is a Howgate Wonder?    A. Apple      B. Butterfly.   C.  Pig
  2. What was the name of the Snail in the Magic Roundabout?    A. Bryan      B. Dylan     C.  Slipper
  3. How many Carry On Films (31 produced) did Jim Dale appear in?  A. 2       B.5    C. 11
  4. Queen Victoria was under which Royal Household?     A. Windsor   B. Hanover.   C. Saxe-Coburg and Gotha
  5. Which comedians real name is Joseph Levitch?   A. Mel Brooks     B. Kelsey Grammer   C. Jerry Lewis
  6. The Boston Celtics/Chicago Bulls play what sport?     A. Ice Hockey    B. American Football   C. Basketball
  7. St Peter Port is based on which Island?      A. Guernsey    B. Jersey    C. Alderney
  8. What is the flavour of Cointreau?    A. Cherry   B. Orange   C. Plum
  9. What was the occupation of Princess Margaret’s Husband?    A. Lawyer    B. Musician     C. Photographer
  10. Traditionally Willow pattern is a white background with which colour?    A. Red    B.   Blue    C. Red
  11. How many straight sides does a Trapezium have?     A. 4   B. 5    C. 6
  12. What is the capital of Bulgaria?   A. Bucharest   B. Sunny Beach    C. Sofia
  13. Prince Edward served in what armed force?    A. Army   B. Marines    C. Navy
  14. What country has the car registration E?      A. Egypt      B. Spain     C.  Ethiopia
  15. Kerry Packer was a businessman supporting which sport?    A.  Rugby     B.  Golf    C. Cricket
  16. The city of Bangalore is in which country?    A. India    B. Pakistan     C. South Korea
  17. What colour is Ebony?     A.   White    B. Blue     C. Black
  18. What village does Miss Marple live in?     A. St Ninians Well    B. St Mary Mead   C. St Wilma Vale
  19. In which city was John Lennon murdered?    A. Paris      B.   Chicago    C. New York
  20. Which singer in the 1980’s won an Oscar for Moonstruck?   A. Cher     B. Maria Carey     C. Julie Andrews