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Day Therapy Unit Quiz – Tuesday 17th December

This week, I was thinking back to school days and when the teacher used to bring out a large radio which was linked in to a UK national educational station piped to many classrooms throughout the UK.  If memory serves me correctly, the programmes came on in the morning and subjects ranged from history to music.  In our primary class (talking about the early 60’s), we had to gather round this massive radio with our recorders in hand to start our journey on learning to play this instrument which seemed to be available in any school.  The idea was that hopefully if you mastered this piece of wood, you could move on to learning other musical instruments. If you passed the grade, here in my home town you were invited to attend Paisley Grammar school on a Saturday morning to be taught further on your chosen subject under the leadership of Mr Ladd.  Unfortunately the recorder and myself did not see eye to eye and my mum decided that I should audition for the Paisley Abbey choir.  60 years + I can still recall the chosen hymn: I love to hear the Story….which angel voices tell….and I was accepted by the choir master George McPhee (still there) to join the ‘junior’ choir. All was well and I was on my way to join the big boys THEN……my voice broke…….bye bye Abbey choir and the chance to appear on Songs of Praise. One of my brothers did stick in at music and he mastered the Trombone……….not a bad player BUT NOT the ideal instrument for 6 of us living in a one bedroom house!!   I wish that I had picked up the music ‘bug’ as I would have loved to master the piano which opens many doors to other instruments.  One of my ex colleagues fulfilled his dream on a business trip we won to New York and he persuaded a speak easy in Manhattan to allow him to play his favourite piece on the piano……..didn’t think it was the right time to whip out my recorder and play the school favourite Frere Jacques…..aghhhhh still that tune rings in my ears top this day.

On to this weeks Quiz:

  1. The UK’s most southerly city?    A.Truro          B. Exeter    C. Southampton
  2. Boy George starred as himself in the USA classic?     A, Will and Grace    B. Frasier   C. The A team
  3. Which cat was an international star before the emergence of Mickey Mouse?    A. Tom    B. Felix    C. Bagpuss
  4. Who is the chef male judge in UK Masterchef?    A. Greg Wallace   B. Marcus Wareing   C. Gordon Ramsay
  5. In what year did the News of the World shut down?    A. 2008     B. 2009   C. 2011
  6. Who sang with Barbara Streisand in You don’t bring me flowers?   A. Neil Diamond   B. John Denver   C. Willie Nelson
  7. How many sides in a pair of nonagons?      A. 16    B. 18    C.20
  8. How many Teletubbies are there?        A, 4    B. 5     C.6
  9. What seaside resort has The Lanes (shopping) and a nudist beach?   A. Scarborough    B. Brighton   C. Newquay
  10. The Macadamia nut is native to what country?   A. Australia   B. Mexico   C. Portugal
  11. What is a porbeagle?   A, Dog     B. Rodent    C. Shark
  12. In what city did Maigret operate from as a detective?   A. London   B. Paris   C. Berlin
  13. Who was the last Beatle to marry twice?   A, John Lennon    B. Ringo Starr   C. Paul McCartney
  14. Which animal can be described as Ursine?   A. Sheep  B. Bear   C .Cow
  15. Who had a hit in 1976 with Under the Moon of Love?   A. Darts   B. Showaddywaddy    C. Culture Club
  16. Luanda is the capital of where?  A. Angola     B.  Mali   C. Nigeria
  17. In which decade was the first American Super bowl held?  A. 1950’s  B. 1960’s    C.  1970’s.
  18. Kylie had a massive hit with Locomotion, who had the original hit?   A. Everly Brothers     B.  Elvis    C. Little Eva
  19. Which animal has the longest tail?    A. Elephant    B.  Lemur    C. Kangaroo
  20. What island is in the middle of Niagara Falls?   A. Goat    B. Sheep   C. Maple