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Day Therapy Unit Quiz Tuesday 13 October

As the nights get darker and temperatures begin to fall, having a think the other night about in todays UK, how lucky we are to have heating ‘on tap’ in our houses.  No matter where you lived in the late 50’s/early 60’s you could hear the call going rounds the streets every week with the echo of “COAL”.  I would think the majority of houses in our county would not have had the luxury of ‘central heating’ and if memory serves me correctly it was the Council who started to install the bulky storage heaters in new build local authority housing.  Living in rented accommodation (tenement in Causeyside) we had a coal fire in the livingroom/one in the front (and only bedroom) and one in the backroom which also heated the boiler for hot water.  The coalmen working for companies such as : Raes/Canavans/Nobles/Lyons had a horrendous job lifting those hessian bags crammed with coal and then taking them up many stairs of to the ‘backdoor’ where stocks were stored for your house.  Here’s a Gilgallon fact (option D).  The Lyons coal shop was in Glasgow Road opposite the Kelburne Cinema, however the Lion sitting above the shop (still there to this day) for some reason was at the opposite end of the building, whereas you might have thought they would have positioned it above the shop selling the goods.  One other type of fuel I recall seeing was a van with ‘steam’ rising from the ‘coal’ being carried was this something named a Briquette??   Getting the coal was I suppose the easy part, you then had to light the fire and how many of your mums ‘constructed’ firestarters (in the shape of a croissant) from your dads paper.  You always had to watch out for the backdraft and many a Scout bob a job week, I was ‘employed’ to clean the grate. Still to this day, when passing a house with a smoke fire, happy memories of childhood.   To the quiz…….

  1. What is the capital city of Afghanistan?   A. Zabul   B. Kabul   C. Kunduz
  2. What sort of creature is a Clydesdale?   A. Dog    B. Rabbit  C. Horse
  3. In which religion is ‘Nirvana’ an attainment of serenity?  A. Islam   B. Buddhism   C. Hinduism
  4. In mathematics what does RMS stand for?  A. Root-mean-Square   B. Root-maths-system    C. Random-memory-system
  5. In which city do Aston Villa play football?   A. Leeds   B. Manchester. C Birmingham
  6. Romano and Desiree are types of what?   A. Ivy   B. Potato   C. Pears
  7. What make of car was Herbie?    A. Ford   B. Volkswagen   C. Vauxhall
  8. How do we better know The axolotl?    A. Salamander   B. Duck Billed Platypus   C. Tasmanian Devil
  9. How many zeros in a million, written in digits?    A. 6   B. 7   C. 8
  10. How many pints were in a Quarter?     A. 2     B. 4    C. 6
  11. Which animals were painted by George Stubbs?    A. Lions    B.  Dogs   C. Horses
  12. Who was the only Beatle to play the guitar left handed?   A. George  B. Paul   C. John
  13. The motorway between B’ham and Lancaster?  A. M6   B. M4  C. M1
  14. In which country is the Jasper National Park?   A. USA    B. Spain   C. Canada
  15. The least valuable piece on a chessboard?   A. Rook   B. Pawn   C. Knight
  16. The name of the ‘boy’ in The Jungle Book?   A. David   B. Raja  C. Mowgli
  17. Where was the singer Roy Orbison born?   A. USA   B. UK   C. Canada
  18. What colour is Piccalilli?    A. Brown   B. Red   C. Yellow
  19. In which cities would you find Cleopatra’s Needles?   A. Paris/Cairo   B. London/New York   C. London/Paris
  20. On a Monopoly Board was colour is Trafalgar Sq?  A. Yellow   B. Light Blue C. Red