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Day Therapy Unit Quiz Tuesday 12th January

  1. How many sides does a 20p have?    A. 5    B. 7   C. 9
  2. Who is the patron saint of Music?    A. St Camilla    B. St Cecilia   C. St Charles
  3. Which actor said “I want to be alone”?    A. Bette Davis   B. Marlene Dietrich   C. Greta Garbo
  4. Moving anti clockwise on a Dart Board, what is next to Number 4?    A.  16   B. 17.   C. 18
  5. How many legs does a Lobster have?   A. 10   B.  8  C. 6
  6. Which part of the body does a snake use to smell?    A.  Tip of tail    B. Ears   C.  Tongue
  7. What number in Bingo is associated with the call Man Alive?  A. 3      B. 4    C. 5
  8. What does an Arctophile collect?    A. Stamps   B. Butterflies   C. Teddy Bears
  9. What gives red blood cells their colour?   A. Haemoglobin   B. Platelets    C. Iron
  10. Who was the tallest of Robin Hoods ‘men’?    A. Friar Tuck  B. Little John   C. Alan Adale
  11. What colour is Vermillion?   A. Red    B. Green   C. Blue
  12. 1.5 litres of champagne is known as?    A. Sovereign    B. Magnum    C.  Jereboam
  13. Pb is the chemical symbol for what?    A. Plutonium   B.  Palladium  C. Lead
  14. What was the first ever text message?    A. Merry Xmas   B. LOL    C. Are you there?
  15. In the solar system, what is the 3rd planet from the Sun?    A. Earth   B.   Saturn   C. Pluto
  16. Les Paterson is a comic creation of who?    A. Clive James   B.  Jason Donovan   C. Barry Humphries
  17. What is the name of the German airforce?   A. Luftzug     B. Luftschloss    C .Luftwaffe
  18. Which group sang Manic Monday?   A.  Bananarama   B. The Bangles    C. Boom Town rats
  19. Who played the lead role in the comedy Porridge?   A. Ronnie Barker    B. Ronnie Corbett   C. Ronnie Carrol
  20. What is the longest river in the World?    A. The Nile    B. The yellow river    C. Amazon