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Day Therapy Unit Quiz – Tuesday 10th November

Hello Quizzers.

Being fully retired, I am hooked on an early morning ITV3 programme Heartbeat… will be glad to know I am not going to harp on about this soap but my link is associated with one of their guests Gabriella Drake.   Gabriella was one of the fighter pilots in UFO and my theme this week is Sci Fi programmes of the 60’s.   One of my first memories is Fireball XL 5 which appeared on our screens in 1962 and had the puppet characters: Steve Zodiac/Robert the Robot and Zoonie the lazoon.  This was the first programme to be filmed in Supermarionation…..which I am sure was just a marketing ploy and looked fab in the opening credits.  A number of the following programmes mentioned in this intro also had this facility.  We then head to 1964 and the underwater series Stingray…..the opening song really taxed the songwriters “Stingray/Stingray”…that was it repeated a few times.  The base was Marineville and the ‘lead’ was Troy Tempest with Phones being his number 2 and then we had Marina the Mermaid who was voiced by the co-producer Sylvia Anderson (who fell out badly with husband Gerry in later years).  The baddie was King Titan. In 1965 we had an import from USA namely Lost in Space with real people and the star was Wil Robinson played by Billy Mummy.  The programme was a space version of Swiss Family Robinson and played for 3 years.  The baddie was Zachary Smith and they had a Robot which was called The robot?  I believe that there is a new version of this being launched across the water.  Also in 1965 we were introduced to Lady Penelope who was the British agent of Thunderbirds and her loyal butler and driver of the pink Rolls Royce,  Parker (“me lady”).  The Tracy family were three goodies and had access to fantastic craft (did you have any?) and their base was Tracy Island which was the most requested instruction leaflet from Blue Peter…I bet the UK households used thousands of toilet roll holders and washing up plastic bottles in making the model……the baddie was The Hood.  Let me hear you all say: “ FAB Thunderbirds are GO”.  1967 saw the arrival of Captain Scarlett with his puppet team of the Angels fighting the circular Mysterons.  The baddie was Captain Black.  Then we have some humans (hooray) who came to our Tv’s in 1970 the British production UFO,  based on the Moon and starring Ed Bishop and George Sewell, Gabriella Drake was one of many fighters who helped save the Earth (via the Moonbase Alpha team). I could go on…please don’t I hear you say…and cover the likes of Buck Rodgers with Gil Gerard and Erin Gray BUT will finish on good old Space 1999 with the big hitter USA actors (from Mission Impossible and husband/wife team)  Martin Landau and Barbara Bain.    On to the quiz and no googling…….it’s a fun quiz to tax the old grey matter.

  1. Which is the tallest?    A. Victoria Falls     B. Niagara falls   C. Angel falls
  2. What is the oldest island in the World?   A. Madagascar      B. Australia       C. Cook Islands
  3. How many farthings were in an old pound?   A. 260    B. 480    C.960
  4. What was the name of the Goldfish in Pinocchio?    A.  Cleo    B. Betsy   C. Goldie
  5. What is the smallest airport in the UK?   A. Newquay     B. Benbecula  C. Barra
  6. Where was Barack Obama born?     A. Kenya     B. Hawaii    C. Michigan
  7. In what year was the Boston tea party?   A. 1793    B. 1753    C. 1773
  8. Who secretly married Lisa Marie Presley?   A. Elton John    B. Michael Jackson     C. George Michael
  9. Who played Annie Walker in Corrie in the 60’s/70’s?   A.  Linda Blair    B. Doris Speed     C. Pat Phoenix
  10. Who was Indigo Jones?    A. Pop Singer      B. Fashion Model    C. Architect
  11. What is the official base of ALL UK submarines?     A, Barrow in Furness   B. Portsmouth    C. Faslane
  12. Which of the following was NOT a Blue Peter presenter?   A. Katy Hill    B. Peter Davidson    C. Richard Bacon
  13. What type of fruit is a Laxton superb?     A. Apple   B. Pear    C. Peach
  14. El Paso is in which US state?      A. New Mexico    B. California   C. Texas
  15. Who secured a Gold disc with : If I had a hammer in 1963?   A. Wally Whiton    B. Trini Lopez   C. John Denver
  16. Who had a hit in 1979 with Up the Junction?   A. Squeeze    B. The Darts     C. Boomtown Rats
  17. The month of March is named after which Roman God?   A. Mercury   B. Mars    C. Vulcan
  18. Where are the rescheduled 2020 Olympic summer games being held?   A. Tokyo   B. Paris   C. Vancouver
  19. What was the name of Donald Ducks girlfriend?     A. Jemima     B. Cynthia   C. Daisy
  20. The band Oasis were formed in which English city?    A. Bath     B. Birmingham    C. Manchester