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Day Therapy Unit Quiz Q&As Tuesday 19th January


  1. How many colours in the Rainbow?    A. 7     B. 8     C.9
  2. Where would a Macken come from?  A. Liverpool     B. Manchester     C. Sunderland
  3. From which fish is caviar sourced from?   A. Bream      B. Sturgeon      C. Whitefish
  4. What flavour is a Yorkshire parkin?    A. Ginger     B.Cinnamon  C. Vanilla
  5. How many lanes in an Olympic swimming pool?    A. 6    B. 7    C.  8
  6. In which sport is the Thomas Cup awarded?   A. Darts    B. Cricket    C. Badminton
  7. Bay of Biscay is North of which country?    A. Spain     B. Portugal    C. South Africa  
  8. Mount Olympus is in which country?    A. Turkey   B. Albania   C. Greece
  9. The decade Solar Calculators were launched?    A. 60’s   B. 70’s  C. 80’s
  10. Abba won Eurovision in which venue?    A. Brighton     B. Bournemouth    C. Margate
  11. Zn is the chemical element for what?    A. Zirconium  B.  Zinc    C. Zeponium
  12. The highest possible hand in poker?    A. Full House   B. 4 of a kind    C. Royal Flush
  13. The wife of Henry 8th buried at Windsor Castle?   A. Ann Boleyn     B. Jane Seymour   Catherine of Aragon
  14. The cost of a station in Monopoly?   A. £100      B. £150    C. £200
  15. In Athletics what was Geoff Capes associated with?    A. Hammer     B. Short Put     C. Javelin
  16. The name of the public gallery in The House of Commons?   A. Strangers    B. Visitors  C. Whispering
  17. The colour of Noddy’s hat?     A. Blue    B. Red     C. Yellow
  18. Who wrote Tess of the D’Urbervilles?     A.  G Elliot    B. Louisa May Alcott   C.  Thomas Hardy
  19. What do you dislike if you are Mesocranic?   A. Wine    B. Tobacco Smoke   C. Bread
  20. What is the best conductor of electricity?    A. Silver    B. Gold     C. Brass


  1. A
  2. C
  3. B
  4. A
  5. C
  6. C
  7. A
  8. C
  9. B
  10. A
  11. B
  12. C
  13. B
  14. C
  15. B
  16. A
  17. A
  18. C
  19. B
  20. A