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Day Therapy Unit Quiz 19 – Tuesday 11th August

Another week, another fantastic, challenging Quiz for you to tackle and get the grey matter ‘exercising’.

Yesterday we heard that Newsround was being cut back on the BBC.  What you may not know is that in line with Blue Peter, both programmes have been transferred to the CBBC channel.  In the old days, we only had 2 channels BBC and STV and as a child were you a Blue Peter fan or a Magpie devotee?  Names you will recall from BP:   Chris Trace/Val Singleton/John Noakes/Mark Curry/Janette Feilding/Lesley Judd and the presenter who hold the record  (beating Val in to second place), Konnie Huq.   Over on the other side we had:  Douglas Rae/ Jenny Hanley/Mick Roberston/Susan Stranks and Tony Bastable.  From memory there were more ‘pets’ in Blue peter and did any of you manage to get a badge?   BP were also famous for their Annual appeals and making Advent decorations.  When I saw Val and Princess Anne visit Tree tops, I had in my mind that one day I would be at the very spot and 22 years later I achieved my goal.  You can guess from the article which programme I preferred!! There are plenty of other oldie programmes to talk about and next week HOW!!     Best of luck with this weeks challenge and NO Googling.   Best wishes Lawrence.

  1. Which former Silver mining town hosted The Gunfight at the OK corral?    A. Tucson   B. Winslow   C. Tombstone
  2. In what battle did the Charge of the Light brigade take place?   A. Alma     B. Inkerman    c. Sevastopol
  3. Who played Jaws in the Bond movies?   A. Richard Keil   B. Richard Wallace  C. Richard Chamberlain#
  4. What is the best selling single of all time?   A. Bohemian Rhapsody.    B. She Loves Youi   C. White Christmas
  5. What was the name of Leslie Neilsens character in the Naked Gun movies?   A. Ed Hocklen  B. Frank Drebin   C. Axel foley
  6. Which organ produces Insulin?   A. Pancreas  B. Brain    C, Kidney
  7. Who had a hit in the Charts with It’s Raining Men?    A. M people   B. Wilson Phillips   c. The weather girls
  8. What type of animal is a Nyala?     A. Ox    B. Antelope   c. Lion
  9. What is the name of the family in the Railway Children (film released in 1970).?   A. Swifts   B. Jones   C. Waterbury
  10. How do we better know Baby Spice?     A. Emma Bunton    B. Melanie    C. Victoria Beckham
  11. Noel Gordon played a lead character in which early Tv soap?   A. Elderado   B. Compact    C. Crossroads
  12. The instrumental eye Level was the theme tune for which TV detective?   A. Van Der Valk  B. Beregac   C. Kojak
  13. Bertie Arhern was a leader in which country?   A. Belgium     B.Eire    C. Iceland
  14. What US State is known as The Grand Canyon state?   A. Utah    B. California   C. Arizona
  15. In what town did the Pied Piper rid the rats?     A. Gorbalston    B.  Wooster   C. Hamlyn
  16. Who was Jimmy Logan’s famous sister who was well know in Jazz circles?   A. Annie Ross   B. Peggy Lee   C. Gracie Fields
  17. Who had a hit 7 years ago with Gangnam Style?    A. Jay Zee    B. Psy     C. Justin Beiber
  18. Who is the new CEO of Accord Hospice?    A. Jean Lazenby     B. Jacki Scott   B. Jackie Smart
  19. Who founded the YMCA?    A. George Hannah      B. George Williams    C. William Wilberforce
  20. Which Bank is the new name for the old Clydesdale ?    A. Virgin Money   B. Nat West    C.  Lloyds

Answers on Thursday 6th August