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Day Therapy Unit Quiz 19 – Q&As

Last week we delved in to Children’s Tv and another classic which was on our screens was HOW……I can here you all now repeating “HOW”.  This programme was created by Jack Hargreaves who was also a presenter (the grandfather figure ) and it first aired in 1966 from the Southern studios in Southampton.  Jack was the

Presenter who covered country matters and in later years he would go on to present his own programme Out of Town.  The scientist was Jon Miller with Bunty James and good old Fred Dineage being joint hosts.  The programme challenged young minds and after 250 episodes it left our screens in 1981.   9 years later, How2 came along with new presenters Gareth Jones, a young Carol Voderman and Fred back again.  I wasn’t a fan of the new series but what do I know… ran for 16 years with 198 episodes.    Enough of the memories (till next week) and now on to the Quiz.

1. Who had a No 1 hit with Grandad in 1979.   A. Clive Dunn.   B. Frank Butcher. C. Clive Roberts

2. What sort of creature is an Orfe?  A. Fish.   B. Cow.  C. Bird

3. Which country was ordered to pay reparations of over 6 billion pounds after their actions in WW2?    A. Russia.  B. Japan.  C. Germany

4. Armament workers started what London football club ?  A. Fulham.  B. Arsenal  C. Spurs

5. “Oh please yourself” was the catchphrase of which comedian and actor?  A. Ted Rae.  B. John Inman.   C. Frankie Howerd

6. Danger Mouse had his secret base where in Baker St?  A. Phone Box.  B. Pillar box. C. Lamp post

7. How many wings does a bee have?   A. 2.  B. 4.    C. 6

8. What is the currency of Iceland?    A. Krona.   B. Euro.  C. Mark

9. Which of the following is a city in England?    A. Stafford.  B. Barrow in Furness.  C. Brighton

10. A sea elephant is what type of animal?    A. Walrus.  B. Whale. C. Seal

11. Redback spiders are native to which country?   A. Australia.   B. Chile.  C. USA

12. Who had a hit in 1984 with West end Girls?   A. The Broomlands.  B. ELO.  C. Pet shop boys

13. When is the next USA presidential election due?   A. Nov 2020.   B. Nov 2021. C. Jan 2021

14. Who is the lead host of the TV programme The Repair Shop?    A. Jay Blades.  B. Nick Knowles.  C. Phil Tuffnel

15. What number in line is Prince Louis to the UK throne?   A. 4th.  B. 5th. C. 6th

16. Who played John Barlow in Z cars and Softly Softly?   A. Frank Windsor.  B. James Ellis. C. Stratford Johns

17. Who wrote the book: For whom the Bells Toll?    A. George Orwell.  B. F Scott Fitzgerald. C. Ernest Hemingway

18. Who played Cat Woman in the 1960’s Tv series Batman…..duna duna duna duna…Batman!    A. Ertha Kitt.   B. Joan Collins  C. Zsa Zsa Gabor

19. What was the name of the Miller in Camberwick Green?   A. Fred.  B.

Johnny.  C. Windy

20. Which of the the Nordic alphabets has the most letters….could be option D!!    A. Icelandic.    B. Finnish.    C. Swedish


1. A

2. A

3. C

4. B

5. C

6. B

7. B

8. A

9. C

10. C

11. A

12. C

13. A

14. A

15. B

16. C

17. C



20. A