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10 Top Tips for Stress Busting

Nicola Campbell
Complementary Therapist at ACCORD

Here are 10 simple activities that you can easily incorporate into your routine to help you manage stress. Even if you are not stressed, these techniques can be used as a preventative measure or suggested to someone you know dealing with stress.

1. Breathing: breathe in slowly through your nose counting from 1 – 3, hold your breath for a count of 1 – 3, then breathe out for a count of 1 – 4.

2. Massage: Closing your eyes make small circular motions at your temples in both directions, next gently stroke your forehead, while breathing slowly

3. Walking: Go for a walk to the park, around the block, in your garden or even round the rooms in your home. Getting outside can help destress and blow the cobwebs away, even 5 minutes can make a difference. If you can’t get outside sit by an open window and if lucky enough let the sunshine on you.

4. Get crafty: Have a box of arts and crafts to distract your mind, this can be as simple as a colouring in book and pens, or try painting, modelling sets, jewellery making or even a jigsaw.

5. Chill Out: Create a space at home where you can relax and have some space and time to yourself, letting others know that you need some time out. Try decluttering a corner and ensure you have a comfy seat with cosy blankets and cushions.

6 .Communicate- writing: If you are finding it difficult to express your thoughts or feelings take some time out to write them down. This will enable you to let out your internal stress. If something is really bothering you write it down then rip it up and chuck it in the bin!

7. Affirming: Simply repeating the words “I am calm”, “I am in control”, “I am peaceful” will enable you to be in a more restful place.

8. Eating: Try to ensure that you eat fresh fruit and vegetables and regular meals. This will ensure your body is full of nutrients that give you energy and keep you balanced.

9. Drinking: Be well hydrated, drink plenty water and fruit juices. Sugary drinks can make you feel hyperactive and feel similar to the symptoms of anxiety as can too much tea or coffee. Being dehydrated can make you feel lethargic and cause headaches.

10.Listening: Listen to calming and relaxing music to help you destress or if you are feeling low play some music that makes you feel good and happy and maybe even have a wee dance too!